How Virtual Desktops Are Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Technology has revolutionised the business world in a big way. With every business using some level of automation, technology is present at all stages, from simple accounting packages to complicated CRM and enterprise application systems. IT Support London

Information and communication technology (ICT)

ICT has opened up multiple channels of communication and information assimilation for businesses. It has also made communication flexible and faster, thereby leading to better organisation and greater convenient. Easy access to information allows businesses to stay in tune with the current trends in technology to grow their business.

ICT has simplified contact with colleagues and clients in different parts of the world. It has strengthened collaborative work since people can work at different times depending on their lifestyle. ICT allows you to organise, process and store information easily and conveniently.

Virtual collaboration and storage

Thanks to technology, teams are no longer restricted to working in the same room or office. Presence of technologies such as virtual desktop and cloud computing have erased geographic boundaries. Files can now be uploaded into the cloud and accessed by authorised personnel from anywhere in the world. Sharing information has become so much easier.


How Short URLs Benefit Your Sites and Links

What are some of the benefits of using URL shorteners? Perhaps the main benefit is that a short URL is easier for copying into an email, a forum post, or a post on Twitter, where the poster is limited to 140 characters for the entire post. Especially if you want a Twitter post to be passed along by others, you want the address to be as brief as possible to make room for their introductory words. url shortener

Another benefit of using URL shortening services is to create URLs that will be read aloud, so that people can easily spell them out. The URL shortening sites create nice, human-readable URLs, however tend to create longer URLs for readable purposes than when they are strictly shortening an address to minimize the number of characters it contains.

The concept of shortening long URLs goes back to at least the year 2001. The first “breakout” shortening service was Tiny URL, which launched in 2002. Today, there are over 100 shortener sites.

Making a URL shorter requires using http redirection to use a short domain linked to the website with the longer address. Techniques for doing this include generating keys in the numerical base 36, which assumes 26 letters and 10 digits, or base 62, which includes 10 digits, upper case and lower case letters. Another technique uses what is known as a hash function, and some shorteners use random number generators to create key sequences.

You will also find that URL shortening services have evolved a lot over the years which add many additional features to make using url shorteners even better. One nice function is when you shorten a URL you will be able to keep track of that URL and check statistics on it such as how many clicks you have received.

Another benefit of these services is that you will start to find some of them offer you to earn extra money by using your short urls on other websites. When people click on your short URL on twitter or other social sites they will go to your URL but will also have an advertisement and you also can earn money through the URL shortening service.


Earth Mother

“Earth mother” and “mother goddess” worship dates back to prehistoric times and it was a phenomenon which was widely spread in most of the ancient societies of the world. There is enough proof in human history to suggest that we had always believed in living in balance with nature and in fact we revered “nature” and “earth” in a motherly form. be mothers

Earth mother: The revival of the mother goddess phenomenon

During the Christian period the ancient tradition of reverence for “earth as mother” or “mother goddess” was largely suppressed and it was only in the 18th century that again open references were made about the female earth as Mother Goddess. In the 19th century there was a widespread revival of the worship of “earth mother and mother goddess”.

Further this was also a period when discoveries were made around the world of native tribes and indigenous people who worshiped the “Earth” as a female deity from thousands of years. In fact it was found that these societies practiced the matriarchal form of social organization where the authority of the family or tribe was in the hands of the women.

In these matriarchal societies the worship of the “supreme female earth deity” was a spiritual and cultural practice of paramount importance. These societies existed in perfect balance with nature and believed in a philosophy of peaceful cohabitation with the other manifestations of nature. Research into these indigenous people and primitive tribes gives us an indication about the cycle of human evolution.

It is now thought that in the early days of human evolution societies were mostly matriarchal in nature. The various discoveries of the Palaeolithic “Venus” figurines show that indeed the early human societies would have been matriarchal in nature. These ancient societies followed a goddess cult and worshiped the supreme feminine deity in the form of earth goddess or mother goddess. So we can clearly emphasize that the worship of the supreme feminine deity in the form earth goddess or mother goddess is a prehistoric phenomenon dating back to the Stone Age.

Further the archaeological excavations also indicate that the supreme feminine deity in the form of earth goddess or mother goddess was revered as a sign of fertility and creativity with immense generative capacities. This can be seen with the emphasis that was given to the figurine of “Venus” of Willendorf’s vulva which was found to be marked with red ochre pigment signifying the life cycle. In this form the earth mother or mother goddess serves as general fertility deity representing the bountiful embodiment of the earth.

Prominent depictions of “earth as mother” can be seen in the native tribes and indigenous societies like the Aztec. Some of these important depictions are as mentioned below

Earth Mother: Itzpapalotl

Itzpapalotl is the goddess who is considered as the darker aspect of earth mother figure and she is the patroness of warriors. Goddess Itzpapalotl would have been revered and called upon by the Aztecs for their numerous expeditions for territorial expansions. She is depicted as a mixture of butterfly and hunting bird. She has the claws of the eagle and she also has the fangs. She is shown to grasp the sky with her claws. She was worshiped even before Tenochtitlan and was considered as a prominent Aztec deity of war.


Being a Responsible Trekker

Whether planning for that trek of a lifetime, your usually summer break trek or just a quick one, making the correct choice and having the right behavior can make a difference to the place you visit, the locals and yourself.  best solar trail camera

Being responsible means not only making the least adverse impact on the environment, but also how your trip will impact the social, economic and ecological aspect of that particular area. Consequently you want your trip to benefit your host community.

From the planning phase to the actual trip itself, as a responsible trekker you uttermost responsibility would be to make informed choices.

Give some serious thought about what you pack. Are your necessities biodegradable, do they directly or indirectly impact any people, most significantly your host nation. Use ethical product as much as possible.

Inform yourself about your destination through guidebook and travel magazine and the internet. Be knowledgeable about:

· The Religion

· The Culture

· The Politics

· The local custom

· The Geography

· The Ecosystem

· The holidays

  • Travel light, leave unnecessary packaging home, repackage if possible.
  • Adopt a non littering policy. Save the packaging and dump them at home or at an appropriate garbage disposal area after the trek
  • Use public transportation, bicycle or walk on the days that you are visiting the country. It is a great way of immersing in the local culture and meets the people.
  • Buy local and regional product, they are usually more adapted to the climate than imported goods. Doing so will infuse some fresh money into the local economy.


I have faith in you so pay close attention

At this point things might get a little tricky for the novice, but I have faith in you so pay close attention and we’ll get you through the next step. Inside the control panel on your web host will be a link to MySQL Databases. WordPress is built on a SQL database – every post, title, comment, category and tag is stored into a record in this database and that text is dynamically called upon via php code to render the blog (don’t worry if that didn’t make much sense, sometimes I get carried away). So now you are within the MySQL section of your control panel on your web host – now it’s time to create a database. You will need to remember the name of the database, the username and the password. This information will be necessary in the next step of the process.

It’s time to jump back to your FTP client and edit the wp-config-sample.php file. The first step will be renaming the file by right clicking /rename, followed by right clicking and choosing edit. This should open a text editor (notepad is my personal favorite) and allow you to change the fields. If you are confused about any of the fields, has put together this handy guide here.


These kinds of tech advertisers are paying

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