Being a Responsible Trekker

Whether planning for that trek of a lifetime, your usually summer break trek or just a quick one, making the correct choice and having the right behavior can make a difference to the place you visit, the locals and yourself.  best solar trail camera

Being responsible means not only making the least adverse impact on the environment, but also how your trip will impact the social, economic and ecological aspect of that particular area. Consequently you want your trip to benefit your host community.

From the planning phase to the actual trip itself, as a responsible trekker you uttermost responsibility would be to make informed choices.

Give some serious thought about what you pack. Are your necessities biodegradable, do they directly or indirectly impact any people, most significantly your host nation. Use ethical product as much as possible.

Inform yourself about your destination through guidebook and travel magazine and the internet. Be knowledgeable about:

· The Religion

· The Culture

· The Politics

· The local custom

· The Geography

· The Ecosystem

· The holidays

  • Travel light, leave unnecessary packaging home, repackage if possible.
  • Adopt a non littering policy. Save the packaging and dump them at home or at an appropriate garbage disposal area after the trek
  • Use public transportation, bicycle or walk on the days that you are visiting the country. It is a great way of immersing in the local culture and meets the people.
  • Buy local and regional product, they are usually more adapted to the climate than imported goods. Doing so will infuse some fresh money into the local economy.

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