6 Deck Red Discard Holder With Top Review

You sit down at the table and the dealer smiles at you gingerly. You can see in their eyes a knowing smile that they are going to be a tough competitor. But there is something thrilling about playing black jack. Top reviews

You love the excitement of taking on the house, and nothing beats the thrill a winning hand. When you slide those chips onto your section of the table you cannot help but feel a swell of pride and victory fill you up inside.

Playing black jack at a casino is really a treat. There is something about the organized and pristine table that makes you feel special while you play on it. The good thing is that you too can have a gorgeous and organized black jack table in your own home. One of the best tools to have on your table is the 6 Deck Red Discard Holder with Top.

The 6 Deck Red Discard Holder with Top is a professional grade card holder. It actually holds up to six complete decks of cards at one time. It is made with top quality acrylic. It is a nice and thick acrylic that will withstand any impact or accidental dropping. Each edge of the holder is gingerly rounded so that there are absolutely no sharp edges on it. This makes for easy placement and removal of the cards. The holder is made out of a beautiful garnet colored acrylic so that it will compliment almost any decor. The rich jewel toned red gives it a beautiful and professional look.

The 6 Deck Red Discard Holder with Top is also made with two holes that have been pre drilled in the bottom of it so that you can easily affix it to your table at home giving yourself extra stability. Additionally, each holder is made with a lid so that you will not have cards overflow and spill all over the top of the holder.

With the 6 Deck Red Discard Holder with Top you will be able to carefully and easily discard any of the dealt hands so that each new hand is fresh. You will be sure that you will not simply be recycling the same un-shuffled hands by being able to use up to six different card decks at one time.

The next time that you have people over you can provide them with a fun and exciting evening. You can have your friends come over and sit down at your very own black jack table complete with 6 Deck Red Discard Holder with Top. As your pals sit down they will feel as if they have been transported to a casino in Las Vegas. As you play hand after hand, you will suddenly be the one that who has the gleam in their eye. Now with your friends you are the tough competitor and as you deal the cards to your friends you can be confident that you will have a great time, but that this time you are the house. And everyone knows that the house always has the advantage.

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