Biography Writing

Biography writing is an art to be mastered with persistence, patience and practice. When writing, the biography writer should focus on the interesting aspects of the subject’s life. People’s life story, biography

the chain of proceedings that took place in their lives, their shortcomings and virtues, the way they might have impacted society, their likes and dislikes, and everything that could be of interest for others is brought under a single roof, called the biography. At one or several points in the academic life, students are required to write biographies, the difference lying in the depth of the subject matter expounded. Biography writing can be an enjoyable task if the writer likes to conduct research, dig deeper that what appears on the surface, loves meeting and interviewing people, and can deduce inferences from little known facts. There are a few useful tips that could ease the biography writer’s chore.

· Always select a person who fascinates you. It becomes so much easier and interesting to write about somebody special. A little bit of previous familiarity about the subject is part of the mission accomplished.

· Have a motivating beginning to hook the audience at the start.

· Begin, maintain, and end to grab the attention of the reader. Intersperse the dry biography with anecdotes to enliven the narrative. A few pictures, graphs or charts, bring in the much needed break the monotony of the text. The description of a humorous stint will also do.

· Write in third person perspective in biography writing. It gives greater credibility to the narrative.

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