Caring For Orchids After Blooming

So you have been a successful orchid grower! Your plant has bloomed. The blooms lasted a long time. You cut some. The blooms were beautiful. But now what? How do you care for an orchid plant after it has bloomed to keep it healthy and to make sure that it blooms again?

When an orchid blooms and the blooms are from one to four months old and show signs of wilting or drying, it’s time to cut them off. First of all, make sure that you are using clean and sterilized tools. This will prevent any diseases that the tools may have been in contact with from spreading to this orchid. Then, using a knife or scissors, cut the flower stalk. There is controversy over whether to cut the stalk short a stalk or to leave it long. Many growers feel that cutting the flower stalk about an inch from the base will ensure that new blooms are as close to the last in size and beauty. If you were working with a small plant with 3 – 4 inch leaves, cut close like this so that the plant doesn’t bloom again right away and become weak. If your plant is large with nice thick, green leaves that are healthy looking, you can cut the flower stalk up high just above a node (a brown notch on the green stem) and just below the lowest bloom.

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