Henna Plant and Henna Tattooing at a Female Stag Party

Henna tattooing was recently introduced and made famous in the US by Madonna, Demi Moore and placemyad a few other celebrities. The reverence for the henna, however, has been in existence probably ever since the first henna tree, or rather the first henna hedge, set its roots into the soil of the planet earth.

Henna is a shrub in its truest form and it can reach a height of six yards. The henna plant blossoms in very fragrant white or rose red flowers and the species is sometimes classified under the name of Lawsonia alba Lam. or Lawsonia ruba.

This writer first learned of henna a few decades ago, when she was invited to a henna night in Southwestern Turkey. Henna night is sort of a female stag party, usually scheduled to take place the night before the wedding or a couple of days earlier when the women get together and paint each other’s hands and toes with henna. The henna night is famous for the camaraderie of women and the constant girlish giggling even among the matronly set. The party is akin to the girls night out, not just with henna painting but with the food, drinks, and a lot of fun.

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