Boston Terrier Information – Life on the Road With a Boston Terrier

Many retirees enjoy traveling in RV’s around the United States and Canada. In the winter, snow birds like to travel south and get away from the ice and snow. Some southern folks travel north to get away from heat and humidity during the summer. Every time you park the RV, you have new neighbors and new experiences. Life on the road is a great way to meet some really interesting people.

You’ll see a lot of people in RVs with small dogs. If you love the RV life and don’t have a dog, think about getting a terrier to share your travels. Read some Boston terrier information and you’ll find that a Boston may be just right as your travel buddy.

Traveling with a dog gives you a reason to take a regular walk and get a little exercise. Whenever you’re walking a dog, you find that end up chatting with someone along the way. People always want to stop for a “pat and a chat” when you’re walking a dog. You’ll find in the terrier information that Bostons need a little exercise but do not need long walks Bostons shouldn’t be outside in extreme hot or cold weather, but then one big objective of your travels is likely to get away from weather extremes.

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