Favorite Famous Pets

Famous pets have been dogs, cats, monkeys, horses and all other species. Some may consider famous pets to be only real life animals like Rin Tin Tin or Mr. Ed while others will include fictional pets the Budweiser frog or Curious George. I am going to hit on a few examples that are personal favorites and focus on real life pets.

One pet in my local area is the famous pink colored poodle Lacie, the unofficial mascot of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Ga. and the most famous of the Macon pets. Every spring thousands from around the country and the world descend on middle Georgia for the annual event. There are arts and crafts, parades, softball and other sports, and just driving around town looking at the blossoming cherry blossom trees which give off beautiful pink blooms. But one of the most famous and noticeable attractions may just be Lacie the pink poodle. She is owned and trained by Paul and Alice Williams who own Pet Grooming.

The other famous pet in my state and one of the most famous in the world is Uga, the official mascot of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. For over 50 years this white bulldog has been pacing the sidelines, sitting on his block of ice and occasionally terrorizing opposing players at Sanford Stadium. The original Uga, known simply Uga I, first took to the sidelines in 1956. His descendants, all owned by the Frank W. Seiler family of Savannah, have followed in his path. Currently the Uga throne is held by Russ on an interim basis. Uga V became a college football celebrity in 1997 when he both appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and starred in the film, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” But Uga V is hardly the only Uga to attain media celebrity. Uga IV was featured in Time, Newsweek and Football News as well as Sports Illustrated (as was Uga VI). The Ugas have been honored by the Georgia House of Representatives, Georgia Senate Chamber and Georgia Governor’s Office, and the Uga tradition was also the subject of a recent documentary, “Damn Good Dog.”

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