Is Human Cloning a Good or Bad Idea?

From time immemorial we know no two humans are never the same, irrespective of whether they are born of the same mother or different mothers. Even twins of the same mother have different personalities and bear different marks or signs on their bodies. Now the question is: Is human cloning a good or bad idea? What do you think? Read on to find out.

I strongly detest human cloning. Firstly, cloning deteriorates the value of human life. In real life so far, every human being is special and different and have so much to contribute to the world with the help of their thoughts, ideas and creative minds.

But what about cloning? With each cloning, their brain and body are likely to suffer and get less intelligent and physically weaker in the process. We don’t need dumb and feeble cloned beings. Above all, I don’t really see any advantage in it. It makes room for more confusion and doubt.

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