Rock Guitar Lesons For a Grandma

Taking guitar lesons online seems a bit of a daunting task, there is quite a bit out there but it can be expensive to find out what is the best route to take and in keeping with a lot of young people, my friend has no patience. Progress must be fast, the lessons not in the least boring, more, they should be fun and rock stardom will be only a tune away.

That is the theory anyway and so we began, various solutions came and went, he didn’t stick to anything for long as progress only came slowly and after a lot of teeth grinding and sore fingers. Then we tried out a course that was much better from the fun point of view, it covered electric, rock, blues and country type music so seemed that it would be suitable.

Then a funny thing began to happen, he being young, 14, did things in fits and starts, he is getting on really well I have to admit, but that left the guitar ’empty’ for periods of time and so I picked it up. Didn’t even know where the on switch was but experiments gave me a few fabulous sounding noises, no they were nothing recognisable but an electric guitar sounds great even if you just plink it.

What if I tried out the lessons too I wondered? At 62 and a Grandma maybe it would have to be in secret, hardly a suitable occupation to announce at the next Women’s Institute meeting, but as I had paid for the lessons surely I would be entitled to follow them too.

Couldn’t read music, no idea what ‘tabs’ were, chords from bands I have never heard of and ‘jam sessions’ where I will never keep up, but who cares? The feeling of fun of doing this, making such great sounds is just wonderful, there is no stopping me now – isn’t that one of Queen’s? – I am learning guitar for my own pure enjoyment, who would have thought.

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