Best Car GPS – How to Find It

To find the best car GPS, you must first define what you need and expect from the GPS.
There are many options available in car GPS units and manufacturers are adding additional options with each new model that is released.
Currently, here are some of the available options to consider:
·        Text to speech (speaks street names)
·        Wide screen
·        Lane assist
·        Land assist with junction view
·        Bluetooth® wireless
·        MP3 player
·        Photo viewer
·        FM lifetime traffic
·        Preloaded map options
·        MSN® Direct
and the list goes on and on.
First, define what options you need. The most important one is “text to speech”. I highly recommend that you pay the additional amount to purchase a GPS that speaks street names. If the GPS tells you “turn right in 400 feet” but does not tell you the street name on which to turn, and there are two possible turns close together, you will have to look on the display for your street name. Taking your eyes off the road for only a few seconds is very dangerous. Don’t take the chance of rear ending the car in front of you or hitting someone.
Consider the other options. If you live in a metro area where you have to contend with daily traffic problems, then consider the FM lifetime traffic option. If you want to use the GPS with other Bluetooth® capable devices, then consider that option.
Once you have defined your selection criteria, you are ready to start your search for the best car GPS that will satisfy your requirements.
The best place to search for your best car GPS is on Amazon. Most people think of Amazon as a store. It is that, but it also has very powerful search and sort functions that let you find the best car GPS with only a few clicks.
On Amazon, GPS units are listed in the Electronics Department so begin by selecting “Electronics” in the left drop down search box. Then enter “gps” in the right search input box and click the orange “Go” button to the right of the search boxes.

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