Artists Who Never Let Us Down

I remember a day when everybody hated 80s music (I think it was a day in 1993 after that ridiculous first Bush album came out). Now it’s become a beloved genre all its own. Not so kitsch as disco, and not as beloved as full-on classic rock, 80’s music can be a lot of things to a lot of people. If you were a ‘metal-head’, then Def Leppard and Van Halen might still be gods to you. 사설토토 

If you were a fashionista then perhaps Madonna or Cyndi Lauper were your material girls who just want to have fun. If you were misunderstood in high-school, then maybe it was Simple Minds or Bauhaus who wrote your top 80s songs.

It was a great time to be alive, and while there were a ton of one-hit wonders, there are a smaller circle of artists who never let us down. Creating classic after classic, these acts not only dominated radio and walk-mans, but are probably on tour today. The only difference is, instead of seeing 90 minutes of yawn-inducing filler and one encore hit where you all have to stand up and sing ‘relax…don’t do it!’, you get a solid two hours of hits!

So, in no particular order, here is a list of artists who never let us down when it came to top 80s songs:

Duran Duran: ‘The Reflex’, ‘Rio, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’…where do you want us to start (or stop)? These guys crafted great and–for the time–unusual pop hits with videos that were as cool to look at today as they were back then. And thank god they’re still around and playing shows, because I can’t bring myself to go see some weird Guns-n-Roses lineup.

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