Long Term Care Options

Strides in medical technology have been tremendous. We all know loved ones who have benefited from medications or surgeries. In some cases, these treatments have prevented certain death. Naturally, these medical breakthroughs and fantastic treatments has prolonged life. Life expectancy is getting longer and longer which has made the need for long term care assistance more and more necessary.

Long term care (LTC) essentially refers to daily life assistance for those with disabilities, chronic illnesses or the elderly. These daily activities could include helping people get dressed, bathe or use the bathroom. These services can be provided in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, in the community or even at home.

Because these services are costly, particularly over a long span of time, there is LTC insurance. It can cover the daily life assistance, administering medications, rent and more.

Activities of Daily Life (ADLs)

When one has a LTC insurance policy, the coverage typically kicks in when a certain amount of basic activities of daily life (ADLs) cannot be perform by one’s self. Various insurance companies have various definitions and requirements but the basics are as follows:
1. Bathing, grooming, taking care of personal hygiene
2. Dressing and undressing
3. Eating, or feeding oneself
4. Transferring such as getting out of bed, moving into a chair etc.
5. Voluntarily controlling urinary and fecal discharge
6. Elimination such as getting to and from the toilet, controlling bowel or bladder functions, etc.

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