Truck Stop Trends

If you have been an over the road trucker for a few decades or even a few years you have likely noticed a big change in the way that the locally owned and chain truck stops are designed. Today’s truck stops are a lot different than the old pump and diner truck stops of the past, and this is a good thing for truckers to take full advantage of.

Trends in design make these rest spots along the road a lot more beneficial to the drivers. They tend to be larger, roomier and overall much more of a one-stop place to get out, spend some time socializing and enjoying the company of others, and to have a healthy meal, shower and spend a bit of down time.

There are both the big name chains as well as the individually or locally owned options. Typically the big chain truck stops offer you a predictable and uniform set of features. It is estimated that the most numerous 50 chains in the United States and Canada make up about 40% of the truck stops across North America. This means that 60% are smaller companies that may have one or multiple locations, often situated within a specific state, province or geographic location.

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