Should You Bend The Rules For A Specific Customer?

If you’ve been doing sales a long time, you probably understand like many people how difficult sales can be. Often times, customers will claim that they either cannot afford your product or services or they will claim that the price is too high. A number of these customers may try and ask you whether you can knock off the price a little lower so they can afford it. Often times, many merchants are willing to do this so that they can get the customer. But the question remains whether this is good strategy or not. This article will not take a side, but will present points supporting and going against this strategy.

#1: Advantage Of Lowering Prices For A Specific Customer

Sales is a hard enough job. It’s hard as it is getting the attention of a prospective customer. You’ve probably gotten may no’s from people who won’t even speak to you either because they simply aren’t interested or because they insist they do not have the money. At the rate you are going, you figure to make zero dollars. So, you finally get someone who is interested in buying your product or service and they ask that you lower the price.

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