Can You Trust an Atheist In a Business Deal

Over the years, I’ve done lots of business deals, and I’ve had many people who are less than honorable renege on those deals, or modify their promises and actually cheat me out of what we had agreed upon. Not long ago, I was discussing this and some of my businesses observations, and some of the lessons I’d learned along the way when making such deals. I noted that if there’s nothing in it for the other party, the likelihood of them not honoring their commitment moves up exponentially.

My acquaintance asked me if one can trust an atheist in a business deal. I laughed because actually I think many times you can trust an atheist more than someone who is extremely religious, and never misses an opportunity to remind you of that fact. It’s hard to say why this is, or if people just use religion as some sort of a self-validation of their integrity. It’s almost like saying “God trusts me, so you can trust me too.” It hardly matters if someone is religious or not, but when someone says to you; “you can trust me,” then that’s when you should start worrying.

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