Colonial Mentality Is Hindering India’s Success

While the foreign rulers were blamed for their misdeeds in the past, currently the citizens do blame the greedy and selfish politicians and bureaucrats. The current rulers seem to have digested and acquired the qualities of the foreign rulers well. For instance, the Britishers sole aim of colonising India was to make it a supplier of raw materials for its industrial development. Thus their chief concern was to exploit and neglect the growth and development of India!.

There has been political influence in almost all the three sectors of the economy, i.e., Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. The citizens do blame the delays in decision making, which is evident in the fact that there has been a delay in passing the lokpal bill.

The lack of political will among the current rulers is evident by the fact that there is no single university in India, which ranks within the first two hundred top universities list!. Further, there has been a widening gap between the urban and the rural population. India lives in villages, i.e., most of its population lives in rural areas, but still open defecation, poor roads, and other sanitation facilities in rural areas do persist. Urban infrastructure too is not an exception, which is evident by the woes of the citizens of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

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