How Do You See Yourself? Who Are You?

Have you ever been asked this question? If so, what could have possibly been your answer? Or did you even have an answer? Most people at first, wouldn’t be sure what to say, until after they’ve sat and thought about the question. And I would be one who didn’t have an answer right away, because I’ve never been asked that question. And after I think about it, I would say I am an ambitious, hard working, talented, and caring person. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, until they show me different. I enjoy helping people. Something I realized, once I got into the network marketing industry. Whether they are in the network marketing industry or not. I’ve also come to learn in the network marketing industry, the true leaders are the ones who enjoy or even go out of their way to help the lower levels become successful.

On the other hand, there’s also those individuals who will do everything to get you in the business for the quick money, then leave you out there to go at it on your own. Those aren’t true leaders. If you’ve been in this business for awhile, WHO ARE YOU?? A Real, successful leader, is one who knows and remembers where he started, and the journey it took for him to get to the top. Everyone has their own struggle to bare. But, the thing is about the network marketing industry, you can’t get to the top by yourself. And if you make it to the top, you can fall to the bottom, quicker than it took you to rise to the top. I’ve met different leaders throughout my career in the network marketing industry, and you can figure out pretty quick, who are the true leaders out there. All I can say is, you would be amazed at the type of people you meet.

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