Bold Money Conversations That Can Change Your Life

I recently returned from Kendall SummerHawk’s Feminine Money Mastery event, where women from all around the globe (and a few cool guys as well) gathered to improve their relationship with money. One of the most interesting aspects of this conference for me was learning to identify where we need to have “courageous money conversations” in our lives. These conversations are the ones we often avoid, as they bring up all sorts of disempowering money beliefs. We discussed how to make these conversations a routine practice and give them a methodology so that they aren’t as daunting to embark upon.

Powerful conversations can follow a format that eases some of the tension. Follow these steps and engage in, rather than avoid, the money talks that change your life.

1. Take a moment before the conversation to breathe and set your intention for the way you want the discourse to go. Decide on the outcome you want ahead of time and be very clear in your own mind before the other person is present.

2. Be free from emotion and set the agenda with the other party. Inform them as to the reason for the discussion, the outcome you desire, and the discussion points you plan to cover.

3. Stop and listen. Make sure the other party has a chance to say their piece and that they know you hear them. Repeat back and summarize their ideas – whatever you can do to establish that you understand what they are saying.

4. Offer several options for resolving the situation in various ways, if at all possible.

Find agreement, even if it’s to go to another decision-maker, and detail the subsequent steps, including who will do what, by when. Be sure to close the conversation positively.

After returning home from the conference, I immediately put this methodology to use and had two such conversations. I have been breathing a sigh of relief ever since! While it is important to take on these conversations under any circumstances, if you are intent on making a career shift or growing your business, this is a skill that is especially helpful and will pull you forward dramatically.

When you avoid courageous money conversations, you can be inadvertently sabotaging your own success. For example, a mom was recently telling me about her daughter, who has a job she loves. She is appreciated by her employer, coworkers, and customers, and received a promotion four months ago. She has not, however, received a salary increase to go with the promotion. Instead of having the conversation that needs to be had about the salary increase, she decided to look for another job. Objectively, this seems ridiculous, but she is so averse to having the necessary salary conversation that she has created a story in her head about what this all means and is taking a somewhat misguided action in response. For her, she believes it may actually be easier to land a new position than to have a money conversation where she would be championing her value to the company.

Similar to this case, when I work with clients, I often see two primary challenges:

1. Putting a voice to owning their value, and believing it as well. Examples include stating their fees, saying no to a discounted fee, or negotiating their salary.

2. Speaking honestly about an issue that makes them feel vulnerable. For example, discussing business plans with a spouse or renegotiating a loan they are having trouble paying.

Of course, taking a stance for your money will feel awkward at first. However, once you get a few of these conversations under your belt, you will be looking ahead for the next one! It’s about building a muscle over time that will increase your power across the board. Don’t be afraid to jump in headfirst – I promise you will be glad you did.

Michelle is the CEO and founder of Limit Free Life®, a coaching and personal development company designed to help clients discover and transition into careers or business ventures that satisfy their souls. As a former CPA, business consultant and now a certified business coach,she combines a strong background in finance and transition management with an intuitive coaching style.


Tales From the Online Marketing Crypt 9: Why Cheap Websites Are More Expensive Than You Think

Tales from the Online Marketing Crypt – Vol. 9

Your Website May Be Under-Performing Because It’s Underpaid

During one of my usual jaunts on Facebook, I came across a post where someone was making the argument to invest properly in a website, and they listed all the reasons to do so.

Heck, I could have written that post myself!

And as per usual, then came many responses that all pretty much said the same thing: “But what if I have no money?”

Ah yes, the money objection is a big one. And a valid one too! So valid that it’s something every parent has said to us when we were kids, right?

I remember one summer I desperately wanted to get a pair of those beautiful black riding boots, the kind you see on equestrian shows on TV.

Of course, I had no idea how much they cost, but I knew I had to have them so I could fit in with the “in” crowd in school. I mean, this was important stuff!

My Mom and I went to the local Co-op to find my precious boots and once my Mom saw the price tag, I got the sage wisdom that I’m sure we’ve all heard:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

So, she bought a cheap pair of fake rubber boots. And sure enough, the black dye rubbed off soon after, showing just how cheap they were. They were completely useless in achieving my desired outcome of becoming a member of the esteemed “in” crowd at school.

As a result of hearing that age-old wisdom many times after the devastating boot debacle, I became quite miserly as an adult myself. I’m quite positive my kids have heard that same chant numerous times. (Sorry kids!)

It wasn’t until I married my first husband that I realized there was another way of looking at cheap.

One of our first major purchases was the new and exciting, albeit now extinct, VCR (that’s a Video Tape Recorder for you young’uns). I remember heading to the electronics department in our local Gosling’s store in downtown Abbotsford.

We were overwhelmed with all the choices. Different brands and varying price tags as well.

My then-husband educated me on value that day, and his words have never left me. He said it’s much less expensive to buy a higher-priced item of quality now than it is to have to replace it tomorrow.

Better quality lasts longer.

We went for the Hitachi model and it lasted years.

And the same principle applies when building your business website.

If you decide to go the cheap or DIY route, your business:

  • Won’t get the sales and conversions you need in order to grow your business, because it won’t look good or function well
  • Will appear amateurish to visitors, who won’t trust what you’re saying
  • Will end up attracting clients who are seeking out cheap themselves, because you’re sending the message that your brand is cheap

As a result, you will quickly find that you need to invest even more than you would have if you’d chosen quality. I know this because we’ve had many clients come to us over the years regretting how much time, effort and money they wasted on a cheap website option before finding us.

We’ve then had to redo everything they paid peanuts for.

Here’s that common question again: But what happens if you don’t have the money?

I’m a firm believer in there always being a way if you want something badly enough.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Reduce spending in other areas that are not absolutely necessary right now. For example, signing up for yet another course to teach you yet another 10-step process that probably won’t work.
  • Find a job. There is nothing shameful about earning a living while working on building your business. Lots of people do it! Do what it takes to ensure you have money for both your personal and business bills.
  • Seek out investors. Maybe you have an incredible idea that you just know would take off if only you had the money. Look for investors who will believe in your vision and provide the financing you need to succeed.
  • Remember you are starting/running a business. Most businesses need initial capital to get started. Consider the money you spend on your website an investment in the future earnings of your business. Write up a business plan and take it to the bank to apply for a loan or line of credit.

These are just a few suggestions, and I’m sure I have a few money coaches reading this who can chime in with more! I hope I have inspired you to begin thinking outside the box and realize your business is so worth the investment of a properly built website.

If not, then I would say you’ve decided you don’t WANT to spend the money. Am I right? You have other priorities that matter more.

If you’re nodding, that’s OK. It’s your choice.

But know that if you choose the cheap and DIY route it will take you longer to reach your goals and you might never get the results you want.

And in case you were wondering, I never did get into that coveted “in” crown in school, despite my tireless efforts. Was it due to the cheap boots? Maybe not, but they sure didn’t help me either!

So I highly recommend you avoid losing valuable leads and sales by not having a professionally designed and built website. Having a cheap one instead really is costing you so much more than you may know.

Around here, we’re not cheap. But relatively speaking we’re not expensive either. Cheap means you get what you pay for, but you also don’t have to get the Lamborghini version of a site either. Just one that represents your brand to the right target audience, with the right marketing message.

That is what will convert your visitors into brand ambassadors.

Give me a call or contact me online to find out how we can transform your non-performing website into one that will bring you those valuable leads and sales.

To your business success,



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Susan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

As a result of working with Susan and her team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with peace of mind at having a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

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Architectural Glass Use in Home and Business

Glass is an evolving material. From its earliest development in ancient times, to its modern day use as a design element with functional properties, glass can create elegance and purpose for every home or business.

For exterior applications of a home or business, long gone are the days when glass usage could be thought of as drafty energy losing fundamentals. Today’s architectural glass offers energy saving properties- in the form of low e insulated in conjunction with thermally broken metal framing- meeting the highest level of energy standards- even here in NY. The insulated glass can be clear, tinted and available in a range of colors and shapes to meet each glass projects particular needs.

Glass railings are also a growing in popularity- both commercially and residential. The railing allows for an open feel, without obscuring views while offering security as a guard rail. The glass is durable and nearly maintenance free. Here in the Hudson Valley area, where river views are in great demand, the glass railing has proven to offer exceptional practicality and is considered to be a must have architectural element by most preferred glazing contractors and designers.

Glass shower doors has grown to be a must have in every home. The European styled enclosure offers both a beautiful open design as well as a purposeful function in keeping water into the shower area. There are extensive hardware options and glass options for this style enclosure. It is highly suggested to have the glass protected with a sealant on the inside surface to prohibit the accumulation of hard water stains. Ritec ClearShield is a greatly regarded glass treatment product and has been the recipient of many awards. The all glass frameless shower door is usually installed about two weeks after measuring. The all glass enclosures, when provided by a competent glass company, will offer the highest quality hinges and hardware, the hinges should not be made of aluminum as this isn’t considered structural as needed for the heavy glass the enclosure uses. The design that is most preferred is the type that uses clamps to secure the fixed panels versus the more dated “u” channel application. The more professional companies offer the clamps style as its much cleaner in appearance and creates more of an all glass look.

For businesses or home offices, the all glass entrance is a much sought after design. These types of entrances offer an all glass door with adjacent glass panels. The metal framing is minimal and creates beautiful architectural styling. The image the all glass entrance creates is one of professionalism.

Colored glass is also a trending product. Many choose colored glass for backsplashes, counter tops and bar tops. The glass surface is durable and easy to keep up and can be designed to accommodate any décor. The glass can be extremely thick and fashioned to be a safety glass to make sure the greatest level of durability. Some opt for textures to be incorporated into the glass design for added beauty.

When choosing a glass contractor, one should carefully examine the company for the following elements to guarantee the greatest level of customer satisfaction. The company should be competent, having years of established service and experience. Ask for references for completed architectural glass products. Ask the glass company if you may see finished installations. A glass company that makes their own products and has the latest state of the art machinery is also desirable; as they are most likely to offer the best finished architectural glass product and have the highest level of skilled workers. Pricing is also important. It is not in the consumer’s best interest to go ahead with either the lowest or the highest price glass contractor, as the lowest person is likely to have the least skilled workers and the highest is looking to mark the product up as much as possible. But a company whose price is set in the middle is probably your best bet.


looking for nuts magazine

If you are looking for nuts magazine subscription, you must know certain essential features about these magazines. It is widely believed to be men’s magazine which has found huge acceptance among a lot of man. This has led to its increased popularity. It is interesting to note that it was originally sold on every Thursdays. However, with changing times these magazines have seen a sea-change in their format and even a change of day. Now, it’s issued on every Tuesday. You can witness one special fact surrounding this magazine. Most men look forward to each new issue with a lot of enthusiasm. The publishers of these magazines also realize this growing demand for them.

There are scores of men who can be seen swearing by these magazines only because they have contents which satisfy their needs. Therefore, most of the men do not think twice before making a decision to take a copy of it. In this busy life with hectic work schedule, everyone needs a platform to vent out his stress. And, men find this magazine one way of doing exactly this thing.

So, when you take a copy of nuts magazine, you will find it containing light hearted and breezy topics. Since most readers want to unwind their day with some relishing reading, the editorial desk generally tends to avoid serious topics. Experts from this industry believe that it mainly concentrates on outdoor activities, designers’ suits, adventure sports and at times, on Hollywood actors and actresses. You will be able to see a dedicated section that is devoted specially to grooming. When you follow suggestions mentioned in this section, you will realize there are some easy ways to look good on all occasions. Well, that should bring some smile on your face since it will assure you to capture attention of women.


Marketing With Social News Sites

There are a number of things you can do to improve your social news site.Interacting and being social as much as possible is a great part of being successful online. By setting up a blog you can interact with your visitors easily.

A fantastic way to network and socialize with people on the internet is to have a blog. Too many entrepreneurs tend to hide behind their web site. While it is important you invest a great deal of time into your web site, it is even more important you show people your true personality.Blogging gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Just as you have to market your social news site, you will want to market your blog as well. This allows people to know about the blog and what it has to offer. You want people to know that your site has more to offer than the same repetitive content you see all over the internet. And having fresh and enticing content can be a great way to get people to come to your blog.

There are a few ways you can go about blog marketing. First, write as many articles as possible and submit them to article directories. As mentioned, there is a lot of duplicate content online. By writing articles, you can display your knowledge on various topics and show what kind of ideas you have. People will come to your blog when you place a link to your blog in the resource box.

Being social is very important with your social news site, it is extremely important when marketing a blog too. Posting in forums is similar to blogs in that you post on a particular topic and get the chance to interact with a number of people who are interested in what you have to say. You are not the only one leading the conversation, this is the only difference; you are just contributing and adding to a thought and idea.

The first two ways you can market your blog will not cost you a penny. You may have to purchase advertising if you are looking for immediate exposure to your blog. You can pay for a spot in the search engines which cost a lot of money, or you can place banners of your blog on other peoples blogs for much less. Paid advertising is not cheap, so make sure to pay enough to reach a top position; otherwise it is pointless.


for this article I used

Hundreds of thousands of blogs are created everyday. People engage themselves in writing blog posts in order to express their views. Just after creating a blog many people are too excited to make new posts. At some point of time, most of them become inactive and their blogs are left dormant. This happens especially to those who have mini blog sites. Those who write small posts for just about anything they please. Eventually they do not find topics to write on. Here I have come up with 5 innovative ideas with which you can write new blog posts on your mini blog sites.

1. Latest News:

Latest News is the single most demanding thing that everyone looks for everyday. Making a new post on latest news brings lots of visitors to your mini blog. It is not necessary that you write about international or national news. Famous news websites and their blogs are there to write about them. You can write anything currently happening around you, in your local area. All you have to find is some exciting news that everyone likes to read about. This is one of the easiest way to provide intellectual nourishment to your readers.

2. Movie Review:

People simply love to read reviews. How about writing a review on a movie you just watched last weekend! It is another way to grab readers to your mini blog site. Writing a movie review does not require a great writing talent. You can write about the story line of the movie, the special effects used in it or how the actors have played their roles in it. Writing movie review is as easy as telling the story of the movie to one of y


Stress Free Shifting Hiring Packers and Movers

As the office shift do not take place very frequently for a particular organization so it is always good to take professional help in such cases. There are numerous professional packers and movers available in Ahmadabad that can provide a stress-free office shifting. They ensure that the shift takes place in a short duration and very efficiently. They can handle the shifting of every type of office very easily as they are trained to do so.

If you are also having the requirement of taking help from the professional would be the best option. The professional ensures that the shifting takes place in a planned manner. Your entire shifting process is divided into parts so that every work is carried out with perfection. The movers and packers have a team of skilled and experienced people to deal with specific task of office shifting. This would help you in having a very easy office shift along with your office belongings safe. They would properly pack all the office furniture and hardware based on its frailness to ensure that no damage occurs during relocation. The tried and tested methods used by the movers and packers helps you to have a swift and smooth office shifting.

The things can turn quite opposite if you choose an inefficient organization for your office shifting.Therefore choosing a good packers and movers plays an important role indeed. You would easily find hundreds of and every company boast itself to be the best. So you must not get trapped by some inefficient organization. This would not only increase your expenditure but also turn things drastically very bad for you. It is important to do market research and investigation before finalizing the organization. Take help from your acquaintances in the industry to find out the trusted and reliable companies in the market. Go through the websites, study about them, and read the clients review. After this compare the top companies and choose the best one.

It is very important that the company that you choose for Packers and movers in have experience. The experience would help you in getting a great office shifting with investment of little time. You must also check that the company you choose is registered to carry out office relocation. Always choose the company that provides insurance services and workers compensation . These things would protect you if any miss happening occurs during the office shifting.Though hiring a professional might appear an extra expenditure but if you wish that all the office valuables are intact, use their services. The name of office shifting would not be any midnight dreading dream to you if you take a professional help.


trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt ta bort stubbar uppsala

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


Du får hjälp med köp av en ny

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt Stubbfräsning Stockholm

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


Internet News

Looking at News Feeds, you might think they’re some of the most complex things to set up. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re actually super-easy to create once you have the system set up properly.

You can break down the news feed system into a fast, low-cost system that you can do once, or several times over.

First I’ll answer a few of your questions about news feeds. Then I’ll reveal the “secret” steps to setting up and profiting from a news feed.

Common Question #1: What is a news feed?
A news feed is an automatically updating list of the latest news on a particular subject. For instance, the news feed on my Web site is on the subject of small business marketing.