Top 5 Ways to Connect While Traveling

Travel Blog Backpackers, adventurers and world travelers have many common characteristics; however there is one that is more prominent than the others- the urge to connect and make friends. Everyone who travels for adventure feels a need to connect- whether it’s with nature, the locals, or fellow travelers.

For those traveling with laptops, or who can occasionally locate an internet café for a few minutes, travel websites are a great place to connect and meet up with people. There are hundreds of travel websites, however not all are safe or reputable.

#5) TrekCafe

Trekcafe is not only a website to connect with fellow travelers, it will also help you plan your trip, give you information about the country you are travelling to, and provide photographs and blogs about your destination. You can book your flight, find a hotel, and even see the current weather forecast!

#4) A Small World (ASW)

A small world is an exclusive international community of people who have a common interest – travel. Here you may share travel experiences, information, become involved in dialogue, seek travel advice as well as social and business opportunities. Unfortunately members are accepted only by invitation; therefore you must know someone who is a member to become a member.

#3) Facebook

Find travel pages related to your destination and post a comment on the wall saying when and where to meet up. It is fun, easy and FREE!

#2) Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is a relatively new concept; travelers visit the couch surfing website, click on whichever city/country they are in, and connect someone who is hosting. The host will offer the traveler a place to sleep for the night for free. Because safety seems to be a major concern, couch surfing allows travelers to review and rate each couch/host. If there is a host with over 300 reviews, all of which are good, chances are it is a safe place to stay. Couch surfing is a great place to meet people who can show you the city, since they are locals, and it is completely free! As a couch surfing rule, hosts may not charge you for your stay: it is another fun, fast and free way to meet people of your adventure and find a safe place to sleep.

#1) TravBuddy

TravBuddy is similar to Trekcafe, however TravBuddy is more popular. It currently has over 1,700 travelers and 170+ locals in the Costa Rica network, and its members are more active in the network. The people in this network are very friendly and eager to make new friends. TravBuddy also offers trip planning (hotel, car and flight booking) as well as join the travel forum, share photos, or create your own travel blog!

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