Social Networking Just Got It’s Own Browser – FLOCK

Have you heard of Flock? It’s a new browser designed by Mozilla that allows you to keep all of your social networks, blogs, and more in one place. You’ll log in to Flock’s supported services which is most of the major social networks. Then, the browser has some very cool built in features.

One of the first features that will change the way you add photos and videos to your blog or websites is Flock’s new media toolbar. There is a built-in picbar at the top where you can scroll through pictures and videos. You can drag and drop any picture or video in your blog/website with a simple click of the mouse. Now you can drag and drop any photo from the web to the photo upload icon to easily upload it to your account.

The second feature (and one that I’m using right now) is their easy blogging service. You can login to your blog from the browser and use Flock’s blog editor. The blog editor allows you to easily drag and drop pictures and then save it immediately to your blog! It will shortcut the process for you.

The third feature is the new online RSS management system. You can easily subscribe to RSS feeds and manage all your RSS feeds and articles with their manager built-in to the browser.

Then, there is a built-in feature called MyWorld that automatically keeps up with all of this information, all your friend’s online, all your RSS feeds and organizes them in a very cool way. It may just be the browser bloggers have been dreaming about!

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