An Advocate for Your Oral Health

It has already been established that your dentist is one of your greatest health advocates. If you see him or her twice a year, as is recommended, then you can stay on top of many oral complications as well as receive warnings for needed treatment of many internal conditions that can keep them from worsening. Your oral health will always provide a strong indication of other health concerns from stress to heart disease. Frankly, when you take good care of your teeth every day, the results show. And when your environment or your internal health are taking their toll on your oral health, it will show as well.

All your dentist has to do is take a look inside of your mouth with his or her tools, use of x-rays or with mere observation, to witness the evolution of your health teeth, gums and tissue to the deterioration of infection and disease. This is why those twice annual visits are used to reverse much of that damage and adjustments to your oral hygiene routine are suggested in order to facilitate further improvement.

Any dentist would warn you that he or she can only do so much during an in office visit once or twice a year. They warn you that the work you do at home is critical to the overall and long term health of your mouth. Nothing tops the long term benefits of good hygiene habits and diet. They truly go hand in hand. Further, have you ever really read your tube of toothpaste? There are instructions along the side which state that you should ideally brush after every meal and every sugary food or drink, but do you, really? And as it turns out there is a more effective way to brush your teeth. It is the way that incorporates all of the brush strokes that not only get your gum line but between the teeth, behind the back teeth, behind the front teeth, the inner surface and the tongue equally as well. It sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? Well, this is why flossing is so important and why rinsing is growing in importance too.

It is truly difficult to thoroughly clean one’s teeth without the angle, devices and skill of a dentist, which is why we should be doing it so often. Since, we won’t ever be perfect at cleaning our teeth above the bathroom sink; we turn to our local dentist for the expertise and advise that can prolong the healthy form and function of our pearly whites from year to year.

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