Selecting Running Shoes – 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Your New Shoes

Selecting the right running shoes is very crucial to ensure you get the best out of your running activity. There are few mistakes that you need to avoid when considering which shoes to buy. In this article, you’ll learn all these 4 common mistakes.

1. Selecting shoes merely based on the brand of the shoes.

All top sport clothing brands do manufacture high quality running shoes. However, by restricting yourself to a particular brand means you don’t have much choice in term of shoes’ functionality. One particular brand might not have suitable shoes that are designed for underpronation condition. If you restrict yourself to this particular brand and at the same time you are an underpronator, you’ll end up with a wrong pair of shoes.

2. Buying cheap but low quality shoes.

We always hear this saying – you get for what you pay. This is also correct when buying the shoes. You are about to engage in enduring physical activity and running with a low quality shoes is the least you want to do. You might end up injuring your feet, your knee and your back because the shock is not absorbed properly.

3. Choosing the shoes based on their cool design.

I’ve to admit most of running shoes have cool designs. In term of appearance, you might have your own preference. However, you have to bear in mind, this is not the shoes that you want to show off to people. This is a pair shoes that you want to use for running. Your priority should be the functionality and the suitability of the shoes, not their cool designs.

4. Not trying the shoes first before buying.

Listening to what people say is not enough. You need to put on the shoes and try to walk around to ensure you are comfortable wearing the shoes. What’s the point of wearing the shoes if you are not comfortable wearing them? Running is supposed to be an enjoyable activity but this will not be the case when you feel uncomfortable all the way from starting point to finishing line.

Now, you’ve learned 4 common mistakes that you should avoid when selecting your running shoes. By the end of day, you want to end up with a pair of comfortable running shoes that are suitable to your feet type and running environment. Avoid choosing shoes merely based on particular brand, cheap price and cool design. With all these in mind, you will not make another wrong and costly decision.

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