Shoe Organizers for Footwear Fanatics

Scientists agree that while women are more prone to the “Imelda Marcos” syndrome of excessive footwear accumulation, men and children can also fall prey to this dreaded disease. If your closet looks like a bomb hit it; littered with the carnage of single sneakers and random pumps, the first step to managing your compulsion is to invest in a shoe organizer to restore order. There’s no shame in owning a lot of shoes as long as they’re organized!

For folks with small closets or limited storage space, organizers that hang over doors or from closet rods are good options. One very basic yet sturdy model is the Over the Door Shoe Organizer. Made of breathable canvas and mesh, this organizer has 24 pockets to hold shoes and accessories. It comes with the over the door brackets and is easy to install.

People with very large shoe collections have a bigger over-door option with the 36 Pair Over Door Rack. This rack is reinforced with polymer sides and steel rods and can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes. It can also be permanently wall mounted.

Folks concerned about damaging their doors with a shoe rack that hangs over it have a legitimate concern as the weight of these racks can damage soft wood doors. A similar option that eliminates this worry is a shoe rack that instead hangs from the rod in your closet. One such organizer is the 8 Shelf Shoe Bag with Side Pockets. This shoe bag has large deep shelves that can hold multiple pairs of small flat shoes within each cubby. It also has mesh side pockets to hold additional shoes or accessories. This organizer measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 48 inches, leaving your closet rod with plenty space for adjacent clothing.

For a slightly bigger shoe bag the 10 Shelf Open Front Shoe Organizer is another good option. It hangs from your closet rod on two sturdy hooks, holding shoes and accessories and keeping them off the floor. Made of natural colored canvas with brown trim, this shoe bag allows for air circulation and keeps shoes clean. It measures 8 inches x 14 x 5 ½ inches.

People with ample floor storage space might prefer a shoe rack as opposed to a hanging organizer. Some of the most popular types of these racks are the tiered varieties. One sturdy option is the 3 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack. Stylish, functional and environmentally responsible, this rack looks so good you won’t want to hide it in a closet. With three tiers of moisture proof bamboo, this rack can hold multiple pairs of shoes. It measures 28.5 inches x 8.75 inches x 21 inches.

Another good rack option is the Expandable Wood Shoe Rack. Made of poplar wood and metal this three tiered rack can stretch to 47 ½ inches long, holding up to 21 pairs of shoes.

Similarly, the Antique Bronze 3-Tier Revolving Shoe Tree is another style of rack that offers maximum shoe-holding capacity. Made of durable steel with an antique bronze finish this organizer has revolving wire racks with adjustable heights for easy access. Measuring 38 inches high and 12 inches in diameter, this organizer has a weighted bottom stand for stability and a carrying handle for portability.

If your shoe collection is more modest or if space is an issue, the 9 Pair Wire Shoe Rack can be easily tucked into any closet for basic shoe storage needs. Measuring a petite 23.25 inches x 16.375 inches x 12 inches, this espresso colored organizer with silver wire keeps shoes off the floor and out of the messy pile they usually end up in.

People who want a more furniture-like shoe rack can store their kicks more discreetly in a Shoe Cabinet. These cabinets are made of melamine laminated practical board with doors that pivot down for easy selections. A single cabinet measures 18 inches x 29 ½ inches x 11 ½ inches and can hold 12 pairs of shoes. Double and triple cabinets with 24 and 36 pair capacities are also available.

No matter how big your shoe collection is or how much storage space you have, there is a shoe organizer available that can simplify your life. So say goodbye to the time wasted Manolo hunting under your bed and invest in a rack, shelf or bag that will keep your pumps pristine. And in times of doubt, close your eyes, channel your inner Carries Bradshaw and say, “What would Imelda do?”

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