Shoe Rack Storage – Not Just for Grandma Anymore!

Everyone’s getting organized these days, and shoe rack storage is keeping up with the times.

It used to be that shoe storage meant lining your footwear under your dresser, but today’s organizing trend has encouraged storage retailers to come up with new and unique ways to store shoes and other items.

Shoe Rack Storage Isn’t Your Grandma’s Over-the-Door Hanger Anymore!

Maybe your grandma was like mine, where shoe storage meant dozens of pairs of shoes hanging on the back of every available door in the house.

Even as a kid I felt that was a tacky – and ugly – way to keep shoes organized.

Thank heaven the storage people have felt our pain!

Today there are hundreds of shoe storage ideas out there. You just need to choose the one(s) that fit your needs best.

Available styles now include a more modern twist on Grandma’s over-the-door shoe hanger, but also benches and cupboards that will store shoes underneath or inside, racks that hang from the closet rod or mount on the wall, under-clothing storage or shelving that can be placed in a closet permanently, and even wheels that store your shoes, and spin so you can reach them easily.

How to Determine the Best Shoe Rack Storage for Your Needs

I’ll admit that this can be the most difficult part of the whole process.

After all, maybe you don’t know where you want to store your shoes. On the floor? Hanging up? On top of a shelf?

Do you want to re-design your entire closet? If so, it may not be so hard to fit shoe rack storage plans into your design. But if your closet is already pretty well laid out, then finding a place to add storage can be more of a challenge.

Experts suggest first to consider where you want to look at your shoes. For example, do you like leaning over and looking down at your shoes? Or would you prefer to have your shoes closer to eyeball level?

If you’re like me, then having a hanging rack is best because I don’t want to have to bend over to look at and pick up my shoes.

Perhaps you only have a slim, vertical area that you can designate for shoes. In that case, maybe a hanging shoe cubbyhole rack may be best. These can accommodate a few pairs of shoes, or many pairs, and they can even hang from your closet pole.

My husband doesn’t like to bend over to choose his footwear, so we decided a shoe rack storage system that sat on the upper shelves in the closet was best for him.

Start with the idea of how you like to look at your shoes when dressing, and then you can shop specific shoe storage systems designed for that type of use.

Prices for Shoe Rack Storage

Shoe storage is available in many price ranges, but the surprising thing is that many racks are not expensive.

Prices start at about $10 for a simple rack that hangs from your closet rod. This shoe holder will typically hold about 10 pairs of shoes.

Of course, if you want to find something that is made of solid wood or some unusual design, prices will go up correspondingly.

The good news is that you should be able to find shoe rack storage that perfectly fits your needs for less than $40.

Most discount stores like Walmart and Target have their own versions of shoe rack storage, and you can always shop online for unique designs.

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