Shoe Shopping – Are Designer Shoes Worth the Expense?

In recent times, women’s shoe designers, like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin have risen in stature from just mere shoe designers to celebrities, worshipped by shoe lovers worldwide, and who can command astounding prices for their designs. Some of these prices can feed a family of four for a month and yet many women will happily shell out the amount without blinking, a testament to these designers popularity. These designers have become household names thanks to TV show, movies, books and the many entertainment award shows where celebrities and stars never fail to mention who designed their outfits and shoes.

So are these shoes really worth the incredible amounts they ask for. A true blue shoe lover will always answer with a resounding yes. To them, these shoes are actually works of art. You can put a price on the materials they use, which of course are always of the best quality, but you cannot put a price on the talent that designed the shoe. These designers put together leather, wood, precious metals, semi precious stones, feathers and other incredible materials and come up with shoe designs that leave shoe lovers gasping and breaking out their wallets without hesitation and astute businessmen running to third world countries trying to have the design copied and mass produced. Though many have tried to copy them none have come up to the same standard because true talent is something one is born with and just cannot be copied.

These designers have put their heart and soul, not to mention their enormous talent and amazing attention to detail into their designs and come up with shoes that their eventual owners will appreciate for a long time and lovingly and carefully keep and hopefully pass down to another generation of shoe lovers. So maybe these shoes are what Oprah Winfrey calls her “10 minute shoes” since she could only walk around with them for 10 minutes before her feet start to hurt but the admiring glances and envious looks you get are well worth any pain you might have to endure. You can wear the simplest dress but the moment you put on one of these shoes your whole look is totally transformed and elevates you from ho-hum to wow in an instant. So next time you go shoe shopping for designer shoes and you ask yourself are these shoes really worth this month’s salary the answer my friend is a big yes if you are the authentic shoe lover you think you are.

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