Heads-Up Displays and High

When it comes to automotive tech devices on the modern automobile it is amazing what companies, researchers, and prototype development specialist come up with. Much of this technology is borrowed from the military as hand-me-downs or transfer technologies. After the military has had it for a decade or more they eventually allow it into the public domain. We see a lot of this, and we’re going to see more of it when it comes to autonomous automobiles. Cars which park themselves, stop themselves, drive themselves, and can take over in heavy fog or prevent emergencies and accidents.

Another such interesting safety device would be HUD or Heads-Up Displays. This is where you see everything on the window or windshield in front of you rather than on the dashboard. All the information you need is projected, so you never have to look down. This would be especially good for people using their radios while they are driving, looking at their GPS, or watching their speedometer, or other things. Still, it is somewhat of a distraction, but it is much safer than looking down away from the road and bringing your eyes back up to refocus on what’s going on outside of the vehicle.

If you are traveling 60 to 80 mph, you will typically cover quite a bit of roadway if you glance down for a few seconds and then look up again. A lot can happen at those speeds, and let’s not even discuss those who are really going fast when they shouldn’t be. You can obviously see the value in racing, and this might also keep individuals from becoming accident prone distracted drivers. Should the new HUD systems be put on our modern-day automobiles for the public?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on January, 26, 2013 titled; “Car Makers Take A Serious Look at Head-Up Displays,” by Chester Dawson. Well, this technology is over 3-decades old you know, it’s about time. I wonder if the so-called distraction will cause accidents, as many humans are not all that smart, and what about seniors? Will it be confusing to them and their aging eyesight? It takes time to adjust from near to far focus for the elderly.

Yes, that makes a very good point doesn’t it? What about the elderly who have vision problems? If they are having troubles seeing up close it might take them a while to focus on what is on the windshield, or vice versa if they have the other problem. Yes, it is probably better than them looking inside the vehicle and totally taking their eyes off of what is in front of them, but this might be more than their brains can process in the amount of time need be while traveling at higher rates of speed, such as on the freeway.

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