New York Activities for the Entire Family

If you are planning a special trip to New York with the entire family, you will want to make sure you plan events that everyone in the family can enjoy. There are all kinds of family oriented activities that can be done in New York City. These activities aren’t just for kids; they are truly something for people of all ages to enjoy. These are things that people from age 5-50 will enjoy while in New York City. Many people think of the heavy traffic, crime or fashion when they think of New York City, they don’t necessarily think of a great place for families to spend time together, but there are quite a few things that the whole family can do together.

One great thing for families to do together while in New York City is to visit the city’s many tourist attractions. The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are both classic tourist attractions that people of all ages can enjoy. Museums are great family friendly activities to do, as visiting one of the New York area can be a very entertaining experience for kids and adults alike. The museums in New York are no ordinary museums. One of the mot famous museums in the world, the Museum of Natural History is located right in New York City. Here you will find all types of attractions and great displays, including the world’s largest collections of fossils and the museum’s infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil.

Aside from tourist attractions, there are also things families can do together as well, including visiting Central Park. Central Park is filled with all types of activities including bike and rollerblade rentals, carriage rides and boat rentals, all things any family can do together. For families who aren’t into outdoor activities but enjoy all things technology there is the Sony Wonder Technology Lab which lets kids and family create their own music and videos. You can also visit the Museum of Moving Images which lets you see the behind the scenes information on how to make movies and television shows. The Museum of Moving Images has all types of interactive exhibits where kids and parents can play together as they create film clips, dance in front of green screens or play with sound effects.

Family fun time isn’t just limited to visiting museums and seeing local attractions, restaurants can also be great family friendly activities. There are many fun and themed restaurants in New York that will keep everyone entertained. With themed restaurants the dining experience includes more than just a good meal. Some of the best-known themed restaurants in New York include Bubba Gump Shrimp, Ellen’s Stardust Diner and Mars 2112. Bubba Gump Shrimp is a fun and lively seafood restaurant based off the famous shrimping company from the Forest Gump Movie and is a laid back but fun place for the family to dine. Ellen’s Stardust Diner is anything but laid back and offers fast talking and sometimes intentionally rude and funny waiters and high-energy entertainment. Mars 2112 is often a favorite for younger boys at it offers great food and a futuristic experience that will have any kid convinced he is in space.

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