3 Trade Show Must Haves For Exhibitors

If it’s coming up for trade show season and you’re completely stuck for ideas about what to include in your booth, then don’t worry! We are here to help. Get the most out of your booth by making little changes to your setup and getting some new items in to attract potential clients, investors, and job seekers.

Check out 3 of our must haves for a trade show exhibitor below:

1. Business cards

Although you might think business cards are outdated, and everything is done online these days – it just isn’t so. Business cards do still pack a punch. Someone doesn’t wake up the next day after visiting your stand and pull your Linked In profile out of their pocket, now, do they?

It doesn’t much matter what your business cards look like, black and white or colourful, fancy or plain, so long as you still have some available. Don’t give them out to everyone – only people you think will truly benefit from your business.

2. Portable banners

The trusty pull-up banner will take you far. It’s easy to transport and always looks good, no matter where you’re setting up. Put them alongside your booth to catch the eye of passers-by. They come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find a good fit for you.

They’re also handy to reuse at marketing pitches, fairs, and out the front of the office if you have one. Make sure all the details on your banner are kept up to date!

3. A sweet treat for the passers by

At trade shows, one of the best enticements to bring over people to your booth is something that appeals to everyone – food! Having a whole lot of little edible goodies available for people to grab who walk past your booth is a terrific enticement to step in and have a word.

Popular choices are lollies, chocolates and gum – anything sweet and small works well as it’s easy to carry and easy for people to pop in their mouths. There are promotional companies that you can approach that sell wholesale lollies wrapped in your branding for an extra bit of branding too.

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