Here’s A Quick Way How To Use Your Hair Straightener On Wet Hair

When considering buying a flat iron you may be looking into the idea of using a flat iron on wet hair. It is possible to buy these and they are designed to not only straighten your hair but also dry at the same time. The design of the product will use a channel and venting system which will evaporate any excess water whilst straightening the hair even if you have just walked out of the shower. The design of these flat irons will lock in the moisture and the glossiness while drying out the hair to a perfect finish.

If you want to have the perfect finish after using your flat iron then there are some steps that will get your hair super sleek and shinny. You will also need to have access to some products; some of the suggested items include the following. Anti frizz serum either in a lotion or spray form, a hair dryer, usually it is recommended to have one between 1300 – 1800 watts, the only reason for this is to reduce the length of drying time. Of course you need the trusty flat iron; these do come in different sizes so make sure you get one that is suitable for your hair type. The usual recommendation is to have a one inch flat iron for short or fine hair, or you could get a wider plate size for thicker and longer hair, maybe up to 2 inches. Important accessories that you will require also include sectioning clips so you can separate your hair and create even sections. Plus finally a rat comb so you can remove any knots and tangles from your hair.

If we now outline the process that you should follow when using a flat iron on wet hair it is as follows. While your hair is wet use the anti frizz lotion or spray, make sure that you distribute the product throughout the hair evenly. This stage is a very important process when using flat irons as it will help to increase the length of time that the style and straightness stays in place.

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