Use Real Estate Articles To Boost Your Market Presence

It has always been true that getting your real estate business established, is doing different things to become known as a leading realtor in your area. Keeping a database and staying in contact with your clients and buyers is a well-known method of creating more business. Advertising and sending out letters are other examples of ways to grow your business.

There is another method you can try to boost your real estate business. That would be by using real estate articles. Here is how it can work for you. Write articles about different subjects and get them printed in a local newspaper or market journal. Here are some ideas of subjects you can write about.

· Getting Your House Ready For Selling

· Hiring A Realtor

· Home Inspections

· Termite Inspections

· Bank Appraisal

· How A Lockbox Works

· Internet Advertising

· Security

· The Holiday Season

· A Buyer Broker

By searching the internet you can come up with tons of ideas to write about. Now once you have your articles, “yes I said articles” because you need more than one and you should have them ready to use. You can start having them printed on a monthly schedule in that local paper I had mentioned.

Doing this will get you recognition in your community and it will establish you as the local expert, and the go to person for getting a house sold for either a buyer or seller. It would also be a great idea to have your picture, your title and any certifications printed along with the article. There is a possibility that if you have a number of real estate articles ready to go, you can try to make a deal with your local newspaper or advertiser to get your articles published free. Try to become their Real Estate Corner. You can become known as the local real estate expert. Write articles that are informative, non solicitation in content and helpful to your readers. Believe me they will find you when they need you. Remember you when you do other forms of advertising, that will also fortify your articles.

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