Use Real Estate Articles To Boost Your Market Presence

It has always been true that getting your real estate business established, is doing different things to become known as a leading realtor in your area. Keeping a database and staying in contact with your clients and buyers is a well-known method of creating more business. Advertising and sending out letters are other examples of ways to grow your business.

There is another method you can try to boost your real estate business. That would be by using real estate articles. Here is how it can work for you. Write articles about different subjects and get them printed in a local newspaper or market journal. Here are some ideas of subjects you can write about.

· Getting Your House Ready For Selling

· Hiring A Realtor

· Home Inspections

· Termite Inspections

· Bank Appraisal

· How A Lockbox Works

· Internet Advertising

· Security

· The Holiday Season

· A Buyer Broker

By searching the internet you can come up with tons of ideas to write about. Now once you have your articles, “yes I said articles” because you need more than one and you should have them ready to use. You can start having them printed on a monthly schedule in that local paper I had mentioned.

Doing this will get you recognition in your community and it will establish you as the local expert, and the go to person for getting a house sold for either a buyer or seller. It would also be a great idea to have your picture, your title and any certifications printed along with the article. There is a possibility that if you have a number of real estate articles ready to go, you can try to make a deal with your local newspaper or advertiser to get your articles published free. Try to become their Real Estate Corner. You can become known as the local real estate expert. Write articles that are informative, non solicitation in content and helpful to your readers. Believe me they will find you when they need you. Remember you when you do other forms of advertising, that will also fortify your articles.


10 Tips on Marketing Your Real Estate on Craigslist

Is promoting your realty on Craigslist still worth your time and money? The answer is that it really depends on however well you’ll turn from the restrictions. I have found some Realtors who were able to get leads from Craigslist even with the limitations.

Craigslist has recently disallowed the use of some markup language code (such as pictures, links, and colors) making it a hassle to customize your posts.

Many marketers are finding it more and more difficult to convert leads from Craigslist.

Okay! I won’t waste your time anymore! Here are the tips on how you can market your real estate on Craigslist:

Tip #1:

Even though your links are no longer clickable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t post it. What you can do is to put instructions like “Copy and paste this link to get more information about this house”.


If you were used to showing photos using image links in Craigslist, then you would know that it has already been restricted. Since we can’t link images anymore from our sources, we can simply upload them directly.


Always upload pictures to Craigslist but don’t show your leads everything. You have to make them contact you to get more photos.


Make sure you are placing your phone number within the post. There a trend that the average Craigslist visitors prefer dialing phone numbers rather than having to copy and paste the Realtor’s website.


Make as many posts as possible. Real estate marketing on Craigslist has a huge amount of competition.


Don’t post too much detail about the house. Just like uploading too many photos, you will want the leads to call and ask you for more.


Put stress on your keywords. The key is for your leads to remember the highlights about the home you are promoting.


Selling Your Home Via Instagram

With the Internet realm overflowing with social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Pinterest, some may have overlooked the ability of a social resource to be more than just a personal space for individuals.

Instagram, though popular among the 21st century population, is one social resource whose marketing potential many tend to neglect. There are currently 150 million users or more in the Instagramverse. It lets you share photos straight from your mobile phone – really easy and convenient to use.

As a homeowner in this millennium, using Instagram to advertise your home the moment you feel the need to sell it makes for a wise and cost-efficient real estate marketing strategy.

What sets Instagram apart from other social media platforms is its photograph-centered interface. Hasn’t the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” already too cliché now? Cliché though it may be, that’s exactly what Instagram is all about: to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Unfortunately for the real estate industry, it will take more practice and exposure before it finally warms up to and gets the full attention of Instagram junkies. There are only 98,681 photos that used the hashtag Realtor. Some may say this is a good number but still a far cry from the millions of photos hashtagged with sunrise, love or food.

Instagram has its own set of rules and regulations different from other social media platforms. Using this social resource to market your real estate property and such would require your thorough cooperation. Follow their rules, use them to your marketing advantage and try to avoid little bloopers that may cost you more than necessary.

1. Keep it clean and organized.

When taking pictures of your house, make sure it is free from clutter. Clean every nook and cranny. Organize items and leave an impression of spaciousness and comfort. There is something about simplicity that attracts potential buyers. So try to simplify your layout. Once everything is all set, get a good shot and let these homely qualities shine through.

2. Avoid taking pictures near a mirror or glass.

What’s more horrific than taking a picture of a disorganized home? A photo with yourself visible in the mirror or glass panel. Whenever you get yourself into this situation, think twice before pressing the capture button. Avoid capturing photos when you are near a mirror, glass panel or any item that shows your reflection. This shot is all about the house you are selling.

3. Enhance your pictures with relevant apps.

If your camera does a poor job of capturing the effects you want to achieve, then the trick is to use an application that will improve the quality of your photos. There are several photo-enhancing applications you can use that are not hard to maneuver. If Adobe Photoshop appears too complicated for you, you can use Photoscape, Microsoft Picture Editor and a host of other photo-enhancing applications available throughout the Internet. These apps let you edit your photo’s brightness, contrast, size or pixels. You can even crop them and put frames. Simply choose whatever you deem appropriate.


How To Create Real Estate Agent Leads

As we have discussed before the business real estate agents are in is the lead generation business. Yes we are here to help buyers find their dream home and for sellers to achieve the maximum price for their home. But where do these buyers and sellers come from? Where can they be found?

In this post I will reveal 5 hot ways to generate real estate agent leads.

1. Paid Real Estate Leads

There are many companies offering leads to purchase which are zip code specific. Most of these are around $5-$10 but some merchants sell such leads for $25+ depending on how much qualification with the person has been done.

While this source of real estate agent lead is valid there is often a question about the motives people had to complete the initial lead generation form especially if any inducements were offered. Then there is always the question as to how fresh the lead is and if the contact details have been verified. This can be a costly way to generate leads.

2. Free Information Giveaway

Quality leads can be generated by offering free, valuable information to the prospect. Real estate selling or buying guides are commonly used as giveaways in exchange for a person’s details.

These reports can be given away in a physical format or via a download from your website once a prospect has completed an online form say on an agent’s website. Once you have a person’s details you are free to communicate with them until they unsubscribe.

3. Cross Business Marketing

By establishing relationships with local businesses you can create opportunities to share customers in your respective marketing campaigns. Hook up with a local car dealership for example and market to each other’s list of customers. You will need to gain permission from a customer to send them information but if your offer is attractive most people are willing to receive high quality information.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the world’s voice. Set up your company’s Facebook fan page and start building a tribe of loyal followers who rush to your Facebook page everyday to discover what’s happening with you and your business.

You can giveaway great prizes in exchange for likes. Tickets to the local football match, coffee vouchers for a local coffee shop, movie tickets or even hardware store vouchers all make great gifts to help you build your fan base.

5. Company HR Departments

Do you have large companies or organisations in your area that have a human resources department? Hospitals, government bodies or even the armed services employ a lot of personnel that need accommodating within the local community.


Here’s A Quick Way How To Use Your Hair Straightener On Wet Hair

When considering buying a flat iron you may be looking into the idea of using a flat iron on wet hair. It is possible to buy these and they are designed to not only straighten your hair but also dry at the same time. The design of the product will use a channel and venting system which will evaporate any excess water whilst straightening the hair even if you have just walked out of the shower. The design of these flat irons will lock in the moisture and the glossiness while drying out the hair to a perfect finish.

If you want to have the perfect finish after using your flat iron then there are some steps that will get your hair super sleek and shinny. You will also need to have access to some products; some of the suggested items include the following. Anti frizz serum either in a lotion or spray form, a hair dryer, usually it is recommended to have one between 1300 – 1800 watts, the only reason for this is to reduce the length of drying time. Of course you need the trusty flat iron; these do come in different sizes so make sure you get one that is suitable for your hair type. The usual recommendation is to have a one inch flat iron for short or fine hair, or you could get a wider plate size for thicker and longer hair, maybe up to 2 inches. Important accessories that you will require also include sectioning clips so you can separate your hair and create even sections. Plus finally a rat comb so you can remove any knots and tangles from your hair.

If we now outline the process that you should follow when using a flat iron on wet hair it is as follows. While your hair is wet use the anti frizz lotion or spray, make sure that you distribute the product throughout the hair evenly. This stage is a very important process when using flat irons as it will help to increase the length of time that the style and straightness stays in place.


Health Architecture Redesign

Maternal and Child Mortality in Nigeria

For the most part, Nigeria is doing poorly in the health industry. Given its developmental stage however, the country is not expected to perform at the same level of excellence with Industrialized countries. But its poor and jeopardized developmental pathway has retarded its overall socioeconomic progress. The statistics is high for a country that has the amount of human and natural resources Nigeria is blessed with. Loads of institutional patterns of error had plagued the most populous black nation of the world. Malaria, tuberculosis and other third world infectious diseases are still threatening the productivity of the country. With “recovery” system of governance and institutional ignorance, life expectancy in the country is estimated at 47-50 years of age. Nevertheless, life above 50 is characterized by affluence, education, nutritional intelligence or ability to drag on to the end.

As globally attractive as Nigeria may seem, especially in oil and gas drilling, the human development report of 2007/2008 did put the black nation in its place. The UNDP report ranked Nigeria close to bottom in the maternal mortality index. The country was only ahead of low income countries under stress (LICUS) like Rwanda, Angola, Chad, Niger, and Sierra Leone. The political argument behind this ranking is rested on the nation’s population and human density; which allows higher contact rates and rapid spread. As much as that part is true; the nation has no clear view on how to keep its citizens healthy.

There is no shared vision amongst the health care stakeholders. This includes care delivery organizations, clinicians, health care consumers and policy makers. Undoubtedly, with higher population comes increase in disease spread. Nevertheless, for Nigeria, there is no in depth profiling of the health of its citizens. The oil rich nation lacks proper information gathering and dissemination systems. These 21st century multi-dimensional development tools inform a country on required patterns of intervention. Every citizen-within accountability age brackets – should understand how much of health care remains a civil right against what is available.

The country needs to get the politics and economics of the situation right. Health promotion and care delivery in the nation needs audacious, practical and quick impact development projects.

Statistics on Maternal and Child mortality:

According to a national estimate, the Nigerian population is at 140 million; 1 in 5 Africans is a Nigerian. By the same report, 23% are women of child bearing age. In 2006, a national report estimated that 65 million Nigerians were females. 30 million of that number is within reproductive age -15-49 years. 6 million Nigerian women are expected to get pregnant every year. In 2007, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP estimated only 5 million of those pregnancies to result into childbirth.


Texas Health Insurance Providers to Check Out!

Do You Need Texas Heath Insurance?

If you are new to Texas, or new to shopping for health insurance, you should know that the regulations and even the insurers you can buy a policy from will differ by state. Sometimes they even differ by zip code or county. It is really important to note this if you came from another place, and you think you know how the game is played. You may find a whole different set of rules in the Texas health insurance market!

It is also important to remember that your premiums will vary by where you live. The rates in Austin will be different than the rates in Houston or Dallas. Your choices will vary too. You sister in San Antonio may have great coverage from one company in San Antonio, but that company may not do business where you live in rural East Texas!

US News and World Report published study of the top major medical companies in Texas. They used measures like how good of a job the insurer did at managing health conditions and preventative care. Just for reference, some of the top companies they suggested follow.

Top 10 Texas Health Insurance Companies

  1. Humana Health Care System of Texas (Austin, Tx)
  2. CIGNA Healthcare of Texas
  3. Scott and White Health Plan
  4. AETNA Health – Texas
  5. United HealthCare of Texas
  6. Humana Health Care System of Texas (South)
  7. Pacificare of Texas (Austin / Dallas)
  8. Humana Health Plan of Texas (Houston)
  9. Pacificare of Texas (San Antonio / Houston)
  10. Missouri Health Plan of Missouri (Texas)

Note that some of these plans are specific to a city or area. Also note that some may not be open to all people. This is just a guide for reference. To find the best Texas health insurance plan for a person like you, you must do some comparison shopping of the insurers in your own local area. Some of you may also be limited by the companies on your group plan at work.

Texas High Risk Pool

Texas has its own way of handling people with pre-existing conditions that cannot get accepted by a private insurer. This is called the Texas High Risk Pool. Not everybody will qualify, some people will have a waiting period, and premiums are pretty high. Also note that this is changing because of the new federal high risk pool that is being established because of health reform. To find out more about the Texas high risk pool, you can search for it on your favorite search engine. You will also find out more about the new federal high risk pool too.

Low Income Texas Health Insurance Options

If you cannot afford private major medical, you have some options. There is a federal and Texas state Medicaid program for people with very low income and few assets. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) helps kids and pregnant women who have low to moderate family incomes. There are also some county health systems that help people access health care on a sliding fee schedule


Taking Care of Our Health

Health is the most valuable asset for all of us, and it is a must that we must protect our health in order for us to have a better way of living.  

Health is like something that we take for granted, realizing its importance when we are in great sickness or someone we knew is suffering from illness. Nevertheless, if we will not take care of our health as our as now, then the backlash of our health will be very alarming. Once we have taken for granted the effects of our carelessness towards health, no matter how we tried to do something about it, it may be too late and worse, we cannot treat a certain disease because it is already permanent.

This is the time that we must take a step further to care for our health. Health is the most essential part our lives and it helped us to become who we want to become.

The question is who will take care of our health? Who will control all the dealings with regards to our health? Moreover, the answer is of course, every one of us. We must be responsible on our respective health status because our health is the ultimate and most valuable asset. We must looked for our health positively and deal with it to prolong the quality of our lives.

There are some ways for us to evaluate the level of our health, for us to know if we are living a healthy life or we have to modify our lifestyle.

One method is to have health check-ups on a regular basis. Having check-ups will determine what the status of our health is. Also, it can provide us information on what are we going to do to enhance our health if doctors detected something unusual on our health.

Moreover, have a healthy diet. Even though some of us need to lose weight, eating and having healthy diet will ensure the quality of our health.

Furthermore, have a regular exercise. 25 minutes every day can help boost our body. We can do this at least 5 times per week. Not only that, we tend to be more energetic and it will keep us going beyond our typical activities.

However, if a person smokes and he will do these things, it will be such a waste of time. Smoki9ng will only worsen our health and following these guidelines will be nonsense. If some of us are smoking, stop smoking gradually because we cannot do it drastically.

If we can follow these guidelines, the levels of our health can meet its maximum potential that can help us to become a better and happier person. Love health, as we love ourselves.


How To Engage Your Emotions!

In everyday conversing about Health, we clearly understand Health to mean Physical Health, because only Physical Health is measured and expressed by scientific consensus. Nevertheless Physical Health is not only just a fractional aspect of the Well-being of an Individual, symptoms of Illness are commonly the final exposition of a an earlier event that caused a disturbance in the body’s Energy Field. This is an essential consideration in the realm of Preventive-care, or Sustainable Health where effectiveness is proportional to its earlier detection. Consequently, what is now called “Preventive-care” does not mean forestalling Illness per se, as it is limited to analyzing Physical Health and therefore should be more aptly termed “early Symptoms detection”. In order to preempt disease and keep the Individual healthy, we need to extend our Health Analysis to all its 6 elements:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Social Health
  • Intellectual Health

We have already analyzed the first 2 elements: Physical Health (When Healthy Is Not Enough: Discover The 6 Elements You Can’t Be Missing!), and Mental Health (When Healthy Is Not Enough: How To Engage Your Emotions!) Now the question is: How is Emotional Health different from Mental Health, are they not both the same? At least many dictionaries define Emotional and Mental Health as the same thing, and in everyday parlance both terms are – wrongly – used interchangeably.

Emotional versus Mental Health Even though the dictionaries are missing the distinction in definition, the significant difference evolves when we define the terms emotions and mind.. Emotion roots in the French word for move or excite, implying that emotions are spontaneous and ever-changing. Emotions are the person-specific non-conscious reactions to a situation that may result in feelings, such as anger, joy, sadness, love or hate. Expressed emotions typically include crying, yelling, laughing, shouting, trembling, stumbling or even fainting. In contrast, Mind can be defined as: that which is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason; The terms are also distinctive in our daily lives and how we are perceived in society. We can say: I changed my mind, while saying: I changed my emotions, doesn’t make sense, because emotions happen, they are not made. Many definitions purport that Emotions are part of Mental Health while the opposite does not apply. However, in the context of assessment of the Whole Health of a person, the Holistic Health, we have to analyze Emotions as a separate element. It is well known that Emotions may have a profound effect on the Individual’s Mental Health and eventually manifest in Physical Illness.


What Is Predictive Health-Care?

Predictive Health-care may not be a household term quiet yet, but basically this new, emerging way of delivering health-care in the US focuses on predicting health as opposed to waiting for disease to begin.

The Challenge of “Measuring Health”

Health is commonly defined as the absence of disease symptoms, and it is disease symptoms that are commercially relevant. However, physical symptoms are only the last stage in the progression of Illness, thus Preventive- or Predictive Health has to necessarily identify any degradation in Holistic Health, or what we call Vitality. Whole Health consists of 6 interweaving elements: Physical – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual – Social – Intellectual Health. As Physical Illness is usually the final manifestation of an Emotional Trauma, treating the Physical Symptom is only a temporary fix. In the attempt to forestall Physical Illness we need to identify the potential cause for the loss of Vitality and Lifestyle is the usual culprit. By Lifestyle we mean the person’s intentional choices such as Nutrition and Activities, and circumstantial factors, such as Environmental Exposure, History, Believes, Social Integration, etc.

Conventional Health-care is not concerned with these intertwining Mind-Body issues, because the medical science consensus neither extends to analytical methods nor the interpretation of results. The generally accepted medical standard for diagnosing disease rests on sample collection, which can be reduced to numerical values, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, bone density and various biomarkers.

In Predictive Health such samples and methods may be used, but in presumed healthy people, these “disease markers” just resemble a snap shot of a condition at the time of sample collection. If all results check out in the “Normal” range, a person is considered physically healthy, even when all 5 non-physical health elements are compromised. In such case, a physical symptom has just not yet established itself measurably.

Vitality can be defined as the sum of all 6-elements that comprise Health. A person, who has thus been classified physically healthy, may completely lack Vitality, if any of the non-physical elements is reduced; while we may perceive a person to have great Vitality, if all health elements are in harmony.

What is needed is a process that measures Vitality as the sum of all Health elements. As Vitality is a volatile condition, we cannot rely on static samples to predict a person’s susceptibility to contract any disease, nor can we recommend a Nutritional concept or Lifestyle modification based on static numericals, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and insulin. Instead, we have to dynamically monitor how well a person copes with lifestyle specific conditions that include various degrees of stress and rest, and we have to measure cellular function under changing situations. We want to assess the wear and tear that the body has undergone to date.

These Test results portray a person’s strengths and vulnerabilities incorruptibly and reproducibly. When correlated with the person’s history, lifestyle and personal objectives, a Lifestyle optimization program can be generated that does not rely on prescription drugs.