Project Management Knowledge Areas

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) organizes management into nine areas of specific knowledge. These knowledge areas contain processes that are distributed over the project life cycle in five process groups. The nine knowledge areas and the processes contained in those knowledge areas can be further explored in the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (Pmbok Guide).
Project Integration Management

The processes contained in this knowledge area are Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Direct and Manage Project Execution, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, Close Project or Phase. Integration Management is the only knowledge area that has processes in every process group. This is kind of the balancing knowledge area, where the other knowledge areas come together.

Scope Management

The processes contained in this area are Collect Requirements, Define Scope, Create WBS, Verify Scope, Control Scope. The scope of the project determines what things are included in the project, and often, specifically what is NOT included in the project. When the scope is determined, some items that could be part of the project, might be deferred to a follow on project. This is how the scope is defined and controlled. Changes to the scope always result in changes to budget and schedule. The continual addition of features to a project is the definition of scope “creep” and is the number one reason that so many projects either fail or have major budget and schedule over-runs.

Time Management

The processes contained in this area are Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Schedule, Control Schedule. This knowledge area has to do with developing a schedule for the project. At first first glance, the process Estimate Activity Resources might seem like something that would more likely be in the Project Cost Management, and it will definitely impact project cost, but in this instance the process has to do with determining how many people will be assigned to the project and whether the resources assigned to the project will be junior or senior resources, that assignment may make the difference in how quickly portions of the project are completed and, of course, how much it will cost.

Cost Management

The processes contained in this area are Estimate costs, Determine Budget, Control Costs. This has to do with preparing for specific costs of the project and how to analyze where the project is in regards to cost and budgeting, and in making sure the expenses of the project are provided for.

Project Quality Management

This knowledge area contains the processes Plan Quality, Perform Quality Assurance, Perform Quality Control. These processes make sure the project produces quality deliverables and maintains the quality of workmanship proscribed in the project quality plan.

Project Human Resource Management

The processes contained in this area are Develop Human Resource Plan, Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team, and Manage Project Team.

Project Communications Management

The processes contained in this knowledge area are Identify Stakeholders, Plan Communications, Distribute Information, Mange Stakeholder Expectations, Report Performance. This knowledge area has to do with keeping people appraised of where the project is, any significant variances to where it should be, and managing the expectation of everyone involved.

Project Risk Management

The processes contained in this knowledge area are Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses, Monitor and Control Risks. All projects have inherent risks, it is the project managers job to get the experts involved in the project to help identify those risks, then to manage those risks to prevent issues.

Project Procurement Management

The processes contained in this knowledge area are Plan Procurements, Conduct Procurements, Administer Procurements, Close Procurements. Most large projects will require some elements of procurement. This can be outsourcing to procuring finished products as the building materials for your project. Procurements need to be handled with the same care and planning as any other part of the project.

These nine knowledge areas are presented in the PMBOK guide version 4 on page 43 in a graphical format. It is something that you should memorize and be prepared to copy identically onto a “brain dump” sheet given to you at the PMP testing center. It is often easier to jot down this type of memorized material before even starting the test so that you don’t mix it up in the heat of the moment.


Samsung I8510 Vs Nokia N96

Nokia and Samsung both are reputed mobile phone brands that have been credited as the manufacturers of high quality handsets. Mainly, all the mobile phone brands are facing very tough competition among themselves.

A Samsung mobile phone focuses on its music features while a Nokia mobiles focuses on stylish looks and long-lasting battery backup.

Let we talk about one of the most impressive and capable phones from Samsung, the Samsung i8510. The Samsung i8510 is one of the best Samsung mobile phones. It is a stunning handset which comes with a stylish slide opening mechanism. The black colour casing handset has only 140 grams of weight and measures 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm in dimensions. It comes with a large 2.8 inches of screen size with 16 millions internal colours. The TFT screen provides a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and comes with an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate & optical trackpad.

The Samsung i8510 comes with optional 8 GB/16 GB of internal memory and its external memory can be expanded via microSD (TransFlash) card up to 8 GB. The users can store unlimited numbers of multimedia stuff such as songs, video clips and images in its embedded memory. The mobile phone supports various type of connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WLAN Wi-Fi network technologies which allow the users to access the world wide web easily. It also has USB v2.0 port and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP technology, which allow you to share your personal data and music files, images with other Bluetooth and USB compatible devices without any hassles. It comes with an 8 mega pixels camera with great features such as Camera geo-tagging, autofocus, flash, auto-panorama shot, face, smile and blink detection technologies which allow you to capture sharp and clear images even in dark areas.

Now we will be discussing the features of the Nokia N96 handset. The Nokia N96 is an elegant and sophisticated handset which comes with a stylish dual slide opening mechanism. It comes with a 2.8 inches of TFT screen display with shades of 16 million internal colour and provides a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The large screen allows you to play games and watch video clips easily.


Top 5 Ways to Connect While Traveling

Travel Blog Backpackers, adventurers and world travelers have many common characteristics; however there is one that is more prominent than the others- the urge to connect and make friends. Everyone who travels for adventure feels a need to connect- whether it’s with nature, the locals, or fellow travelers.

For those traveling with laptops, or who can occasionally locate an internet café for a few minutes, travel websites are a great place to connect and meet up with people. There are hundreds of travel websites, however not all are safe or reputable.

#5) TrekCafe

Trekcafe is not only a website to connect with fellow travelers, it will also help you plan your trip, give you information about the country you are travelling to, and provide photographs and blogs about your destination. You can book your flight, find a hotel, and even see the current weather forecast!

#4) A Small World (ASW)

A small world is an exclusive international community of people who have a common interest – travel. Here you may share travel experiences, information, become involved in dialogue, seek travel advice as well as social and business opportunities. Unfortunately members are accepted only by invitation; therefore you must know someone who is a member to become a member.

#3) Facebook

Find travel pages related to your destination and post a comment on the wall saying when and where to meet up. It is fun, easy and FREE!

#2) Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is a relatively new concept; travelers visit the couch surfing website, click on whichever city/country they are in, and connect someone who is hosting. The host will offer the traveler a place to sleep for the night for free. Because safety seems to be a major concern, couch surfing allows travelers to review and rate each couch/host. If there is a host with over 300 reviews, all of which are good, chances are it is a safe place to stay. Couch surfing is a great place to meet people who can show you the city, since they are locals, and it is completely free! As a couch surfing rule, hosts may not charge you for your stay: it is another fun, fast and free way to meet people of your adventure and find a safe place to sleep.

#1) TravBuddy

TravBuddy is similar to Trekcafe, however TravBuddy is more popular. It currently has over 1,700 travelers and 170+ locals in the Costa Rica network, and its members are more active in the network. The people in this network are very friendly and eager to make new friends. TravBuddy also offers trip planning (hotel, car and flight booking) as well as join the travel forum, share photos, or create your own travel blog!


Can We Live Without Technology?

No, we cannot live without technology. Technology is something that in today’s time is necessary for quality of life. No music, no internet, no video games, no TV, no fun, no social life, there is absolutely no life without technology. In this fast paced world technology is needed for even the simplest things, be it an alarm clock or a coffee maker. It is growing at a lightening speed and making it hard for people to keep up with it.

With laptops, personal computers, cell phones, handheld tools people have more than needed resources but are unable to use these wisely. Each one of us uses technology in some ways or the other to make life easier which is the reason it has come a long way, with tremendous developments in each field, be it the internet or mobile phones.

We all use technology in some ways or the other. The real question is that are we using the latest development and advancements in technology to the best? The entire world depends on technology as it bought great things such as cars, medicines, microwaves, etc. and each day there is the new development. Telephones and laptops or more likely iPads are used to carry out routine tasks. If these are taken away, then people feel that their life is seized. One can say technology has its side effects and has made us lazy, impatient and dependent. It is the sole reason that the entire world is functioning normally.

If we see the positive side then due to technology, we can carry out complex surgeries, we have apps in our mobile phone that enable us to track our health, finances, etc. Technology has made it possible for a person with a disability to walk or run in a marathon; it is the reason that has helped an individual with a disability to communicate with the rest of the world. It is because of technology that we can talk to our friends and relatives in distant places.

Businesses use both the internet and mobile apps to reach to a wider audience to expand their array of services and without technology, it is not possible. Technology is neither good nor bad, at this point it is not possible to live without technology, but yes, we can find ways to use it wisely and not entirely depend on it. Eventually, in the end, we have come to the conclusion that we are not entirely dependent on technology, yet we rely on it for most of the things in our daily life.


Green Cooking – 24 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Energy Consumption and Increase Efficiency

Home cooks of all ability levels can set aside cash by utilizing their kitchens all the more effectively. By adjusting cooking propensities, utilizing existing machines and buying new apparatuses that are energy-productive, home cooks can set aside cash, expand the working existence of cookware and diminish the time spent cooking. These strategies are essential for Green Cooking, which is tied in with lessening waste, utilizing less energy, less water and making less commotion during the cooking cycle. Consolidating Green Cooking standards, the normal family unit can limit their home’s energy utilization and save many dollars each year on service bills.

Utilizing the accompanying tips, you can amplify the efficiencies of your kitchen’s machines and refine your cooking propensities to save energy, set aside cash and “cook green.”

  1. Full-size stoves are not extremely effective when preparing little amounts of food. When cooking little to medium-sized suppers, utilize a more modest toaster. When all is said in done, the more modest the machine, the less energy utilized, so pick the littlest apparatus fit to your cooking task. The more energy-productive a machine is, the less it expenses to run.
  2. Keep kitchen machines and cookware clean. At the point when surfaces are spotless, you boost the measure of energy reflected toward your food, cooking all the more rapidly and equitably.
  3. Use remaining warmth. Mood killer the broiler or electric burner a couple of moments before the end cooking time. The machine will stay adequately hot to finish the cooking cycle.
  4. Energy-proficient apparatuses may now and then cost more to buy, yet reserve funds on service bills will be acknowledged over the long haul. Attempt to continuously supplant your old apparatuses with more energy-effective models. Search for machines with the Energy Star assignment showing that the apparatus is up to flow energy-proficiency norms. New and better machines keep on being created, preparing food quicker and with more noteworthy accommodation. Also, quicker cooking times mean less energy use.
  5. In the event that you have an electric burner, ensure your skillet totally covers the warming component and is a similar size as the burner. Utilize level lined dish that connect with the components. For instance, a six-inch container on an eight-inch component squanders 40% of the component’s warmth yield. With gas burners, ensure the fire is completely beneath the dish; in any case, heat is lost and energy is squandered. The good is, in the event that you utilize a little dish, utilize a little burner and the other way around.
  6. Try not to preheat the stove except if a formula, (for example, bread or cake) requires it. A decent dependable guideline is that any food with a cooking season of beyond what an hour can be begun in a cool broiler.
  7. No looking. Each time you open the broiler entryway, it can bring down the inside temperature as much as 25 degrees. Utilize a clock to set the cooking time, and be certain your stove window is perfect enough for you to perceive how your dish is advancing. Make certain to check the seal on your stove entryway to ensure it is working appropriately.
  8. In the broiler, stun dishes at various rack levels to guarantee legitimate wind stream. Great wind current aides the broiler work all the more rapidly and productively. Rework stove racks before you turn the broiler on. Doing it after the stove is hot squanders heat, yet is a simple method to consume yourself.
  9. Piggyback dishes on top of one another, either by utilizing a similar warmth hotspot for at least two tasks, or by preparing such things as treats utilizing held warmth from earlier heating or cooking. Perform multiple tasks at every possible opportunity. Cookware, for example, a Chinese liner, can cook various dishes on various levels at the same time and cheaply.
  10. Pick your cookware cautiously. Glass and ceramic cookware direct and hold heat in a way that is better than metal. On the off chance that a formula requires a metal preparing skillet, you can for the most part change to glass or fired which will permit you to bring down the cooking temperature by 25 degrees.
  11. By warming food first (either on the counter or in the microwave-it utilizes less energy than a stove) you can eliminate the measure of time your broiler is on.
  12. Hide! Water bubbles all the more rapidly and food sources cook quicker if there is a top on the container, keeping the warmth in. Likewise, don’t bubble more water than you will utilize.
  13. Cooking frozen food sources utilizes more energy – defrost them out first. Defrosting in the cooler is best since it helps the productivity of the fridge, chilling it off and lessening the energy needed to keep it at its working temperature.
  14. Cook with a microwave whenever the situation allows. Microwaves use between one-fifth and one-half as much energy as regular ovens. They are generally proficient at cooking little bits and for defrosting. To prepare food in the microwave quicker, place it on the external edges of a pivoting plate as opposed to in the middle, permitting more microwaves to connect with the food. Food prepares quicker as the surface-to-volume proportion increments. When cooking potatoes, for instance, more slender cuts will cook quicker than cubed or quartered areas. During warm climate when cooling is being used, microwaves create less brilliant warmth lessening the energy load on your forced air system.
  15. Use pressure cookers. They utilize 50-75 percent less energy than customary cookware and it’s the least demanding and quickest technique for cooking..
  16. Acceptance cooking utilizes 90% of the energy delivered contrasted with just 55% for a gas burner and 65% for customary electric reaches. Acceptance cook tops have similar moment control as gas and are the quickest of all cook top sorts to warmth and cook food.
  17. Utilize electric pots to bubble water. They burn-through a large portion of the energy expected to bubble water on the oven.
  18. Turn down the warmth after water bubbles. Softly bubbling water is a similar temperature as a thundering bubble.
  19. Toasters, albeit for the most part not very much protected are acceptable decisions for little to medium segments of food that cook moderately rapidly. For heating and searing, they use around 33% the energy of a standard stove.
  20. Moderate cookers likewise decrease energy use in cooking. Moderate cookers, for example, simmering pots will prepare a whole dinner for around 17 pennies worth of power.
  21. Convection broilers burn-through up to 33% less energy than standard stoves. Warmed air is persistently circled by the broiler’s fan, for all the more even warmth and decreased cooking times.
  22. Pressing factor cooking is the most effortless and quickest green cooking technique. Another pressing factor cooker can lessen your energy utilization for cooking by over half.
  23. Electric skillets, similar to a profound frying pan with dividers, can steam, fry, saute, stew, prepare, or cook an assortment of food things – some can even twofold as serving dishes.
  24. Splash dinnerware and cooking tools that are intensely hardened with dried food in virus water with a limited quantity of cleanser. This wipes out the requirement for delayed cleaning and utilizing a lot of water.


Coffee And Men’s Health

Espresso has been around for millennia, and it keeps on being quite possibly the most well known refreshments. It is likewise quite possibly the most vigorously explored items on the planet and, because of all that exploration, we know like never before about the positive and negative parts of being an espresso consumer.

For men who drink espresso, perhaps the greatest advantage might be an altogether lower danger of creating prostate malignant growth. Studies have demonstrated that men who devour espresso consistently can cut their danger of prostate disease up to 60%. Researchers accept this has something to do with the impacts espresso has on insulin, chemical levels, and glucose digestion, which are all elements in prostrate malignant growth.

Men who partake in strength preparing and weight lifting may likewise get a reward from drinking espresso. Espresso has been appeared to directly affect muscles, setting off additional calcium which makes for more grounded muscle compressions. Likewise, enjoying some espresso before working out can forestall a decent arrangement of post-exercise touchiness, as your muscles will recuperate quicker.

In a 20-year study led by specialists at Harvard, it was at long last verified that espresso doesn’t build the danger for coronary illness. Truth be told, men who drink four cups of espresso daily have a 53 percent lower danger of kicking the bucket from coronary illness than the individuals who don’t drink espresso.

With all the uplifting news coming out today about espresso, it is no big surprise that it keeps on being the second most famous refreshment on the planet.


5 Foods to Improve Men’s Health

We as a whole realize that ladies’ medical problems are constantly viewed as something vital, as they need to conceive an offspring and keep up their wellbeing. Be that as it may, with regards to men’s wellbeing individuals are very little intrigued by it. Try not to believe that it doesn’t make any difference, as it matter similarly as than ladies’ wellbeing. Men are no uncertainty altogether different than lady, which implies that their necessities are likewise unique with regards to keeping up better wellbeing. The eating routine and exercise the two matters a great deal for keeping a man solid for the duration of his life, henceforth making him fit in his more established years moreover.

In the event that you are a man, realize that the vast majority of the food things you love eating are really not exceptionally sound for you. While some of them might be hazardous for you, and with regards to keeping a solid way of life it is vital to add food sources in your day to day existence which can make you sound. With an appropriate eating regimen and exercise routine you can likewise drop down your dangers of coronary failures and any sort of malignancy.

Here today I will educate you concerning a few food sources which can assist you with keeping a solid body and psyche. In this way, ensure that you add them in your eating regimen.

  1. Clams

I’m certain that a significant number of you are stunned by this, yet realize that wellbeing specialists have made this food thing must in the event that you will have a sound sexual life. They are loaded up with enemies of oxidants and zinc, that will help you stay vivacious for the duration of the day. Zinc is a vital supplement that causes your body to fix dead cells and produce DNA.

  1. Bananas

You can clearly go bananas over bananas! They are the best hotspot for fast energy and are incredibly wealthy in potassium which helps in controlling a typical heart beat and circulatory strain. Diets that are typically wealthy in potassium and magnesium will assist with decreasing your odds of heart stroke. Eating bananas likewise help your invulnerable framework. Ensure that you add bananas in your eating regimen, not just they can fulfill your hankering for something sweet, yet will furnish you with huge loads of advantages moreover.

  1. Greasy

I’m certain that you may have not caught wind of it elsewhere, yet remember that the solid fat and omega-3 unsaturated fats are perhaps the most required supplements by the body. They can help increment the soundness of your heart, let down your dangers of strokes, and prostate malignant growth. You can browse salmon, fish, sardines and herring as per your taste. It is suggested that you ought to eat fish double seven days for best medical advantages.

  1. Broccoli

Presently, it’s truly strange that numerous individuals eat it due to various reasons, yet today subsequent to knowing the advantages it is stuffed of will dazzle you a great deal to add it in your eating routine arrangement for eternity. This is extraordinary compared to other super nourishments that you can get in any season. On the off chance that you don’t care for its taste, at that point you can change to Cabbage, Brussles Sprouts and even Bok Choy. These veggies are loaded up with nutrient C and sulphoraphane which are unequivocally loaded up with against dangerous properties.

  1. Brazil Nuts

These buts make an extraordinary tidbit, yet additionally you can add them in your eating regimen for a decent inventory of magnesium and selenium and some enemies of oxidants which can assist you with forestalling heart illnesses and malignant growths, including prostate disease. These nuts additionally lessen terrible cholesterol, and increment your heart’s wellbeing.


Men’s Health Supplements – Why Are They Required?

Wellbeing supplements are needed by nearly everyone these days in light of a few reasons. You more likely than not heard the proverb ‘your health will depend on the type of food you eat’. This actually remains constant and sadly individuals don’t generally eat what they should eat. Changes in ways of life have changed the weight control plans of a great many people.

It is hard to guarantee a solid, adjusted eating routine these days since it requires some investment to prepare the sort of food that we should have. Accordingly individuals will in general settle on inexpensive food that doesn’t generally contain the supplements that are needed by the human body. In the event that the body isn’t given these supplements, it will undoubtedly get feeble. In the drawn out the body turns out to be more defenseless to illnesses due to this hardship. Studies have uncovered that standard utilization of nutrients and different supplements forestall numerous diseases.

In men, the normal admission of a compound considered lycopene that is separated from crude tomatoes, decreases the odds of prostate malignant growth. Studies have uncovered that mixtures like Cetyl Myristoleate, chondroitin, and glucosamine decrease aggravation and agony brought about by harm of the bone or joints because of osteoporosis or joint pain. On the off chance that copper, zinc, and tin are taken in through a plant determined colloidal source, turning gray or falling of hair might be diminished. Omega 3 oil and nutrient An and C are said to decrease elevated cholesterol.

Most men’s wellbeing supplements have a portion of the previously mentioned fixings. Some additionally have selenium and Vitamin E since it forestalls heart sicknesses and macular degeneration. Lutein is likewise said to improve visual perception and decrease macular degeneration. It is a cell reinforcement that is found in green vegetables like kale and spinach. Plant inferred colloidal calcium, Coenzyme Q-10, and lecithin are remembered for men’s wellbeing supplements on the grounds that the assistance in the decrease of hypertension.

It is imperative to choose men’s wellbeing supplements that are delivered from characteristic substances on the grounds that counterfeit substances are not in every case useful for the body. Now and then engineered fixings are not acknowledged by the body. In such a case you might be under the feeling that you are burning-through all the supplements that your body requires just to acknowledge later that really your body dismissed the supplements. On the off chance that common fixings are burned-through, the odds of the body tolerating the supplements are far higher.


Benefits Of Fast Food

For individuals progressing inexpensive food is the top decision for a supper. This sort of food by and large satisfies the taste buds of numerous individuals. Over the course of the years there were a great deal of things expounded on cheap food. Is this sort of food fortunate or unfortunate for you? I will expound on certain advantages and disadvantages of eating cheap food.


  • Easy. The solitary thing you need to do is to purchase the food, no arrangement is required and you don’t need to stand by a great deal of time to get your food. This is ideal for individuals who don’t have a ton of extra time because of their work or way of life.
  • Always warm. At the point when you get it the food it will consistently be hot. There is no cool food that will have a taste like extras.
  • Freshness. In view of high turnover the food is in every case newly made. Since there are severe wellbeing and security guideline the fixings will consistently be new.
  • Health. A portion of the food sources can be truly sound regardless of whether they are made quick. Search for food with low fat and a great deal of vegetables. Burgers, pizzas and French fries are not the best arrangement and you ought to stay away from them. Eating them sometimes isn’t risky.
  • Convenience. There are no long holding up lines to get food. At the point when you get your food it is advantageously pressed and you can eat it or take it with you.
  • Reliability. You get a similar food each time you request it. You will know precisely what sort of flavor your food will have. No upsetting amazements and weird tastes.


  • Price. Inexpensive food can be very costly particularly on the off chance that you consider how modest it would be in the event that you made it at home. It tends to be multiple times less expensive to prepare a similar supper at home.
  • Bad for wellbeing. Most of inexpensive food is terrible for your wellbeing. On the off chance that you settle on terrible decisions it will expand your weight, cause elevated cholesterol and increment pulse. Require significant investment and educate yourself about solid cheap food and save yourself genuine medical issues.


7 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Homemade Spa Products

Making your own unique homemade spa products may sound a bit challenging but it is a beneficial and enjoyable craft that does not require a lot of investment and does not have to be difficult. There are many who are involved in this craft and have several reasons why they like making their own natural spa products. Here are a few:

#1 Saving Money

You too, may be looking at creative ways of cutting back on expenses. Many folks have realized that making even their basic toiletries and perhaps some luxurious, but simple natural spa products has accomplished more than one goal. They have natural bath and body products that they desire while staying within the budget.

#2 You Have Control

You now have control on what actually goes into your homemade soaps and lotions. They can be as natural as you can imagine without the worry of chemicals and detergents. You can customize them to suit your specific needs. They can be just as high-end or just as simple as the commercial products–you have the choice.

#3 Your Health Concerns

There are so many natural ingredients that can be combined together to make healthy homemade bath and body products. Natural ingredients such as rolled oats are soothing and comforting to sensitive skin. Chamomile is another ingredient that has many healing properties. Even aromatherapy is a great healthy spa treatment that eases the mind and calms the soul.

#4 Environmental Concerns

You may or may not consider this as an issue, but so many folks do. They are making their skin care products and toiletries for their own benefit but also in an additional effort to help environment as best they can. Eliminating some of the chemicals and synthetic materials from what we use daily, certainly would not hurt and maybe a benefit to Mother Nature.

#5 Allows Creativity and Enjoyment

Everyone has a creative side. Creating natural spa products will bring the artistic abilities out that express who you are many times over. The personal satisfaction and rewards of creativity helps keep us healthier and happier.

#6 Presents for Everyone

You would really be delighted if you received an all natural homemade spa product as a gift that someone took the time and patience to make just for you. Imagine how giving your own creative spa gifts would make you feel. These are gifts that do not need to be expensive and are great presents for any occasion and for everyone.

#7 Fun or Profit

Allowing yourself to use your imagination is fun, but this craft could lead to a specific and special product creation that everyone wants more of resulting in a business venture bringing extra income for you and your family. The possibilities are endless and there is always room for more new creations.

Taking some time for yourself and enjoying a creative activity is very important for everyone. Creativity relaxes the stresses in life and your new spa creations will calm the mind, body and soul. Start simple and enjoy!